Examination Documents

 Documents and correspondence prepared / submitted in relation to the Examination.

DA001(a) Introduction letter to those who have noted their wish to speak at the inquiry
DA001(b) Introduction letter to those who have noted their wish to rely on their written representations
DA002 Inspectors' Preliminary Note to Councils 
DA003a The Council’s response to the Inspector May 2016
DA003b Appendix 1 – Work programme May –Sept 2016
DA004 Agenda for Pre-meeting Hearing - 14 June 2016
DA005a Hearings Timetable - draft - 6 June 2016
DA005b Hearings Programme version 2 - 08.08.16
DA005c Hearings Programme version 4 - 26.09.16
DA006 Guidance notes for representers
DA007 Council's letter to the Inspector 17.06.16: Update about Gypsy and Travellers sites, Anglesey
DA007a 20.06.16 Inspector’s reply to Councils
DA008 The Inspector’s notes of the Pre-hearing Meeting
DA009 Draft Hearings Programme 20.06.16 See updated version
DA010a Council’s letter to the Inspector 23.6.16
DA010b SPG scope and draft timetable 
DA010c Draft amended monitoring framework
DA011 June 2016 Leter to Inspector
DA011a Work Programme
DA012 Letter from the Inspector to the Councils
DA013 Council’s letter to the Inspector 1.7.16 – Sustainability Appraisal Numbers
DA014a 15.07.16 Council’s letter to the Inspector
DA014b Explanatory Note – Facilitating Affordable Housing
DA015  Site Deliverability Report July 2016
DA016 Employment Justification Paper
DA017 Addendum to Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study
DA018 Affordable Housing Viability Study – Update
DA019 Habitats Regulations Assessment – Adendum Report
DA020  Background Paper – Renewable Energy Study (July 2016)
DA020a  Appendix A – Potential areas of search for Wind Turbines
DA020b  Appendix B – Assessment of potential for solar PV farms
DA020c  Appendix C – Amendment to Renewable Energy Technology Section
DA020ch  Appendix CH – Inset maps of the opportunity areas
DA021 Adendum to the Sustainability Appraisal

Topic Paper 18B Gypsy & Traveller update – addendum to topic paper 18A

DA023 Housing Trajectory update and addendum -Topic Paper 20A
DA024 Regional Technical Statement (Aggregates) 
DA025 The House of Commons Welsh Affairs Committee publication on ‘The future of nuclear power in Wales’ 
DA026 Inspector’s letter to the Council 22.07.16
DA027  The Sand and Gravel Resources of North West Wales
DA028 The Welsh Language Commissioner's letter to the Inspector 01.09.16
DA029 Letter from Horizon to the Inspector 07.09.16
DA030 Horizon Main Consultation document
DA031 Anglesey Local Housing Market Assessment - Report to committee
DA032 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949 – document presented by Horizon during hearing session 6
DA033 NRW LANDMAP SLA Guidance Note 1 – presented by the Council during Sesion 6 
DA034 Newport LDP Policy M1 – referred to the by the Welsh Government (session 7)
DA035a Inspector’s letter to the Councils 14.10.16 – Holyhead Waterfront and retail provision

09.01.17 Council's response to the Inspector's letter

Appendix 1a - Decision Notice

Appendix 1b - Planning Committee Report

Appendix 2 - Holyhead

Appendix 3 - Bangor 

Appendix 4a - Llangefni

Appendix 4b - Pwllheli

DA036 Inspector's letter to the Council 18.11.16 - Planning Policy Wales, Edition 9 and the new Technical Advice Note 4.
DA036a 14.12.16 The Councils' response to the Inspector's letter dated 18.11.16
DA037 Welsh Government note regarding the application of the Wellbeing Future Generations Act (Wales)
DA038 Matters Arising Changes Notice
DA039 Schedule of Matters Arising  Changes – Written Statement
DA040 Schedule of Matters Arising  Changes – Proposal Maps
DA041 Sustainability Assessment of the Matters Arising Changes 
DA042 Habitat Regulations Assessment of the Matters Arising Changes
DA043 Composite Plan incorporating the Matters Arising Changes
DA044 Matters arising changes representations
DA045 The Council’s observations on the representations on the Matters Arising Changes
DA046 Letter from the Councils to the Inspector 04.04.17
DA046a Appendix 1: Draft schedule of potential additional changes
DA047a Councils letter to the Inspector 08.05.17
DA047b Final Matters Arising Changes Schedule 
DA047c Final Matters Arising Changes - Maps

Action Points arising from hearing sessions

session 4
PG1   Level of need for affordable housing 

 General - superseded version

 General - amended version

 PG3  Affordable housing supply
 PG4-7  Affordable Housing
 PG8  Policy TAI 10                                                                    
 PG9  PS14

session 6
 PG1  General (wording of policies)
 PG2  7.5.2 - version 2
 PG3  7.5.7, 7.5.8 a Table 23 - version 2
 PG4  Policy AMG 1 and 7.5.11 - version 2
 PG5  PS16, Criterion 3 / AMG 4 / AMG 5 - version 2                                             
 PG6  Constraints Map - version 2
 PG7  Appendix 7 - version 2
 PG8 (i)

 Local Nature Reserves and Wildlife Sites (i) - version 2

PG8 (ii)

Wylfa Head Nature Reserves 

 PG9  AT 1 - version 2
 PG10  AT 4 - version 2
 PG11 PS16 & PS17 - version 2

session 7
 PG1 - PG13   Minerals                                                                                               
PG15 Wylfa Newydd

PG1 - PG8   Renewable energy matters              

Sesiwn 13
 PG1  Gypsy site at Llandygai                                                                                              
PG2 Penhesgyn Site
PG3, PG4, PG5, PG6

Policy TAI 13, General, Temporary Sites, Policy TAI 12

Appendix PG3-PG6 


Monitoring Framework

session 15
PG1 Beaumaris Town Centre
 PG2 Llandegfan                                                                                                           

session 16
PG1 - 39

 Monitoring framework and various matters

 Appendix 1

PG40   Policy TRA 2
PG41  Explanatory note - new legislation                                          
PG42 Plan's Format
PG43 Explanatory note
PG44 Work Programme