Garden Waste Collection (brown bin)

There is a £33 fee every year for garden waste collection (brown bin). 

Request a garden waste collection

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£33 a year for

  • 25 collections a year
  • emptying 1 brown wheelie bin every two weeks
  • there will be no collections over Christmas and New Year

Every house can order up to 4 brown bins.

  • £28 a year for every additional brown bin

This is a fixed price for the year, from January 2019 to December 2019. You can order the service at any point during the year, but the annual fee will be the same.



How will the service work?

After you've paid, you will receive a sticker through the post  within 10 working days. Place it around your brown wheelie bin. You won't receive a new bin, only the sticker to be placed on it. If you don't receive your sticker please contact us.

If you need an extra bin you will need to order a new bin

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Problems with your service? 

Broken or lost brown bin 

Report a missed collection


Further Information

For further information, or to order and pay over the phone, call 01766 771 000

You can also order and pay at any Siop Gwynedd.