Frequently asked questions

What will I receive as part of my garden collection?

You will receive a garden waste collection for 25 weeks a year (no collections over Christmas or the New Year).They will be collected every fortnight, the same day as your recycling and food waste collection.


When will the service start?

The 2018 service will start on Monday, 8 January 2018. You will be able to pay for the service from 13 November 2017 onwards.



How much is it?

£33 a year. This includes collecting one large brown bin (240 litre) every fortnight. We will collect up to 3 bins each time. The second bin will cost an additional £28, the third bin another £28 and the fourth bin will be £28. 


How do I pay for the garden waste collection?

You can pay:

  • online with a credit/debit card if making your application online  
    (you will need to create an account if you don't already have one)
  • by calling 01766 771 000 and pay with a credit/debit card
  • visit one of Siopau Gwynedd and pay with a cheque or postal order.


I have a small brown bin, will there be a difference in price?

£33 is the fee for emptying a small wheelie bin (140 litre) as well. However contact us and you can exchange your small brown bin for a large (240 litre) bin if you wish. You can do this:

What about garden waste bags?

If you use garden waste bags instead of a wheelie bin, the new fee of £33 will also apply to you. Once you have ordered and paid for the collection service, a new supply of bags will be delivered to you. The 125 new bags will be of different colour to the existing ones and only these will be collected after 9 January 2017. To order a supply of the new garden waste sacks, phone 01766 771000.


How will you know I've paid for the service?

After you've paid you will receive a letter and a sticker through the post. You need to to place the sticker on your brown bin. This sticker must be on your bin in order for your bin to be collected.  

If your sticker is broken or stolen contact us to receive a new sticker.


Can I have more than one bin?

Yes. You can order up to 4 bins.

The first bin will cost £33, with every additional bin costing £28 each.

Please note: After you've ordered and paid for the collections, you will receive a sticker through the post to be placed on your brown wheelie bin - you will not receive a new bin. If you need an additional bin because you choose to have more than one collection, you will also need to order a new bin (no additional free). You can do this online: order a new bin 
(you will need to create an account if you don't already have one)


Can I leave extra garden waste on the floor next to my brown bin?

No, we will only collect garden waste that is placed in the bin with the lid closed. Christmas trees at Christmas is the only exception to this. We will collect Christmas trees if they're kept next to your brown bin on the first collection in the new year.. 


Can I register for the service half way through the year?

You can join the service at any point during the year but the fee will remain £33. The year runs from 8 January 2018 to 8 January 2019. For example, if choose to wait until June before ordering the service you will receive less collections, but the price will still be £33.


I do not wish to be part of the new garden waste collection, do I need to do anything?

No, there is no need for you to do anything. You will be expected to keep the brown bin at your house in case someone else in the house decide to use the service in the future.


How can I get rid of my garden waste if I won’t be using the Council’s service?

Putting your garden waste in a compost bin is the best way to get rid of your garden waste.

Another option would be to take your garden waste to your nearest household recycling centre.

You should not put your garden waste in your green bin because it causes environmental problems.


I’m moving to another house within Gwynedd and have paid for the garden waste service, will I be able to receive a refund?

No. No refunds will be given. However, you can transfer the service to your new house. You will need to contact us to confirm your details. 

If you’re moving from Gwynedd you won’t receive a refund but you can notify the person that will be moving in to your home that the service will continue for them for the rest of the year.

Please do not remove your brown bin from your home. 


My brown bin has broken, will I receive a new bin?

Yes. If you have paid for a garden waste collection and that your brown bin has broken you can order a replacement bin online. 

Order new bin / equipment 

Missed collection

If we missed your brown bin collection contact us within 48 hours and we will return to collect it as soon as possible.

Reporting a missed collection

If there’s a sufficient reason for why your bin wasn’t collected (e.g. bin was not out at correct time / unsuitable items in the bin) we will not return until your next collection.


If it’s bad weather, for example, snow, effecting my collection will I be able to receive a refund?

No. We won’t give a refund for a missed collection. 


Back door collection

Back door collections can be arranged for elderly or disabled people who have difficulties moving the bin to the collection point. Further information


Can I use this service for my business?

No, we don’t offer the garden waste service for businesses.


I live in a flat, will I be effected?

If you have a garden the same rule is relevant to you, so if you wish to use the brown bin you’ll need to pay for the collection. 


I have a communal garden, will I be effected?

Contact your housing association/manager. It is their responsibility to arrange a collection. 


Why does Gwynedd Council charge for the garden waste collection?

As a Council we face a number of financial cuts as well as attempting to offer essential services for the people of Gwynedd. To assure that, we need to create new ways of producing income.


Isn't the garden waste collection part of my Council tax?

No, the garden waste collection is not part of your Council tax. There’s duty on us as a Council to collect your housing waste but it’s not a duty for us to collect your garden waste.


Is it legal to charge for garden waste service?

Yes. The 1990 Environmental Protection Act gives permission for Councils to charge for garden waste service. 


What do we accept in the brown waste bin?

  •  grass
  • leaves
  • branches
  • flowers/plants
  • weeds

We don’t accept..

  • mud
  • soil
  • plastic bags
  • plastic pots
  • stones
  • rubble