Order a new or replacement bin

Delay in delivering recycling boxes and bins

If you order new recycling boxes or bins, there will be a wait of up to 35 working days before they are delivered.

Priority is currently given to orders from Gwynedd businesses to ensure that they are ready for the new workplace recycling law that comes into force in April 2024.

Remember!  If you need more food bags you can leave a note with your food caddy on your collection day, and food bags will be left by our collection crew.

We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Please use this form to order a new bin or new waste and recycling items:


Order new bin / equipment
(you will need to create an account if you don't already have one)

or call 01766 771000.

You will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions below when you submit your request and allow up to 35 working days for us to dispatch your new equipment. 

You can order:




  • 3 blue boxes on wheels
  • Top box – paper/card
  • Middle box - plastic bottles, pots, tubs, trays, cartons and cans

  • Bottom box – glass


Blue recycling box


  • up to 4 blue recycling boxes (includes lid)
  • up to 4 new lids for the blue boxes (to replace lost/broken lids) 
  • up to 4 nets to place on top of the boxes (to use instead of a lid if you are finding that your lids are frequently lost or broken)

Brown food bin (22 litre)


  • up to 2 brown food bins

Kitchen caddy (5 litre) 


  • Kitchen caddy (5 litre) to store food waste in the kitchen.
  • Annual supply of food waste bags to keep the bin clean. You will need to empty the content of the kitchen caddy into the brown food bin for collection. Do not put the kitchen caddy out for collection.
  • To receive more food waste bags place the orange tag that's inside the roll of bags on the handle of your waste bin when you put it out for collection. (The orange tag is inside the roll of bags - you will see it when there are about 10 bags left in the roll).
  • If you have not received a new roll of bags after displaying the orange label, you can order a roll on this page and supplies are available at Siopau Gwynedd.


Brown garden waste bin (or garden waste bags)


  • Every home can receive:
    • Up to 4 large brown bin – garden waste (240 litre)
    • an annual supply of garden waste bags

PLEASE NOTE: There is an annual fee for a garden waste collection (brown bin). Further details and order your collection.


Green waste bin (or black bin bags)


  • Every home can receive ONE of the following:
    • 1 large green bin (240 litre)
    • 1 small green bin (140 litre)
  • Some homes who don't have a green wheelie bin are eligible to order a supply of black bin bags. To order, please call 01766 771000.
  • It's possible to order a hessian sack to protect the bin bags from being torn by animals (you can only order a hessian sack if you use black bin bags)
  • If more than 7 people live in your property, you can apply for an extra large bin (360 litre): Contact Us.

Moving house?

If you move home, please leave all bins and boxes at the old house.

If there aren’t any bins/boxes at the new house, please use the Order new bin / equipment form (you will need to create an account if you don't already have one) or call 01766 771000 to apply for any new equipment needed.

For information about which items you can place in which bin and find out your collection date, go to the bins and recycling information pages.