When is my waste collected?

To find your next collection date, or to download your calendar enter your post code in the box below...


2020 Calendars

We will not be posting waste and recycling calendars to Gwynedd homes this year.  

To download and print your 2020 calendar, enter your postcode in the box above and select your address. Then, click on ‘waste and recycling calendar’.

Alternatively, pick up a calendar from any Siop Gwynedd.


Collection arrangements

  • Blue recycling box / cartgylchu
    Every week
  • Brown food waste bin
    Every week
  • Green wheelie bin / up to 3 black sacks (if there isn't a wheelie bin)
    Every 3 weeks 
  • Brown wheelie bin (garden waste)
    Order your garden waste collection.


What time will the waste be collected?

We will be collecting between 06:00 and 18:00 on your collection day.

We will not necessarily collect at the same time each week. Please put your bins / boxes out the night before your collection.


Make sure that your waste and recycling receptacles are left within the boundary of your property until no earlier than the evening before the relevant collection and then returned to within the boundary as soon as possible afterwards.