What goes into the bin?

Blue recycling box / Cartgylchu

Top box - paper

  • paper – news paper, magazines, office paper, junk mail, shredded paper
  • card

Middle box- cans and metal

  • food and drink cans
  • foil
  • aerosols  
  • plastic bottles 
  • plastic pots, tubs and trays - yoghurt or butter pots, plastic containers for fruit and vegetables and meat trays
  • food and drink cartons - fruit juice or soup cartons   

Bottom box - glass

  • glass bottles and jars

We do not accept clothes or batteries in the blue recycling box. Take them to your local recycling centre/bank.

Please separate the items within the box.

Brown food bin

  • any type of food waste – cooked or raw e.g. fruit and vegetable peelings, cheese, bread, beans, meat, eggs, plate scraps, food passed it’s best before date, tea bags, fish etc.
  • do not put liquids such as milk or oil in the bin 

Please use the bags provided to line the brown food waste bin. Do not use any other bags.

To order more food waste bags use the Order new bin / equipment form or contact us on 01766 771000.

What happens to food waste?

How to use the brown food bin?


Brown garden waste bin / garden waste bags

  • grass
  • leaves
  • twigs 
  • flower/plants 
  • weeds

The waste should be loose in the bin / bags.

PLEASE NOTE! There is an annual fee for garden waste collection (brown bin). Further details and order your collection.

Green waste bin / black bin bags

  • any household waste that cannot be recycled

We will empty  one green bin from each property every three weeks (or 3 black bags). We will not collect any additional bags or side waste. 

If you live on a narrow access road where the narrow access lorry collects your waste, you must ensure that your waste is in bin bags and not loose in the bin.

Electrical equipment: we don’t collect electrical equipment as part of the green waste collection. Please take them to your local recycling centre (or arrange for a bulky waste collection)

Other collections

Clinical waste: it is possible to arrange a clinical waste collection for items such as medicine, dressings and needles. This is usually arranged by your community nurse. For further information, call 01766 771000.


What happens to your waste

Do you know what happens to your plasitc milk bottle after putting it in the cartgylchu?



Do  you know what happens to your food waste after the Council collects it?



For information regarding what happened to your recycling visit the Recycle for Wales website.