Candidate sites SP

A key element in developing the Local Development Plans is to identify potential sites for a range of land uses including housing, employment and other uses such as community and recreation. It is also important to identify sites that need protecting for their special landscape, open space or conservation value.

Candidate Site Register – The Call for Sites

The Candidate Site Register was opened on the 11 October 2011. Developers, landowners, community groups and members of the public were invited to formally submit sites for potential inclusion within the Joint Local Development Plan (JLDP). Please note the JLDP area does not cover the Snowdonia National Park area.

Although the formal ‘call for sites’ process closed on 13 February 2012 additional late entries submitted before 31 October, 2012 have also been placed on the Candidate Site Register.  Numerous sites have been received since the register was fomally closed.  These sites have not been placed on the formal register , however, they have been kept on a late submissions folder and have received consideration during the process of preparing the Plan.  The opportunity to submit late candidate site sumissions will close on 17th April, 2014.  No submissions after this date will be accepted.

The Candidate Sites Register is available for inspection on this website and paper copies are available for inspection in the City of Bangor Council offices; Siop Gwynedd, Pwllheli; Siop Gwynedd, Dolgellau and in the Planning and Public Protection Reception (Rovacabin) of the Isle of Anglesey County Council.  The names and contact details of the proposer has not be placed on the public register but may be released under a Freedom of Information request.

The Register has been divided according to Local Planning Authority area and subdivided by Community Council areas. 


Next stages

A total of 865 individual sites have been place on the register.  In accordance with the approved Candidate Site Assessment Methodology a staged filtering exercise is currently being undertaken. This will be an ongoing process leading up to the publication of the Deposit Joint LDP. This staged filtering assessment involves consultation with statutory agencies, and organisations, such as the Environment Agency, Countryside Council for Wales, Dŵr Cymru/Welsh Water, etc, as well as other departments/services within the Council, such as Highways, Leisure and Education. The potential sites’ impact on sustainability within the Plan area is also considered to ensure the Councils meet their statutory obligations under Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Regulations.

It is important to note that any Candidate Site making it through the filtering exercise may still not necessarily be put forward for inclusion within the Deposit Joint LDP, as it will also have to accord with the Plan's Vision, Objectives and Preferred Strategy. Details of the results of the filtering exercise will be published in due course as a Background Document.

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