Submit a planning application

The following information will probably be of use as you prepare your application:


Submitting a planning application

We recommend that you submit your planning application online using the Planning Applications Wales website.

Planning Applications Wales – Apply online 

Planning Applications Wales is a national website for the submission of planning applications and the sharing of planning information in Wales. The information and services it offers are designed for home owners, businesses, planning professionals and local government officials. 

On the Planning Applications Wales website you can:

  • apply for planning permission
  • comment on a planning application
  • print planning application forms
  • download the householder’s permitted developments guide
  • view information regarding the decision making process
  • get help using Planning Applications Wales. 

Gwynedd Council is fully integrated with Planning Applications Wales and will receive a copy of all submitted applications, plans and payments electronically.

If you wish to print application forms, you can submit your application directly to us by email, post or any Siop Gwynedd.

Planning Application Forms

Please note: If you submit your application in paper format the application forms request the submission of 3 copies of all documents submitted. To reduce waste, Gwynedd Council only requires 2 sets for every application.

REMEMBER!  If your development is within Snowdonia National Park you will need to contact them, not Gwynedd Council.  

What will happen after I submit my planning application?

After the Planning Service has received the application it will check that it is valid and that all the necessary information has been included with it. For example:

  • have all the relevant maps / plans been presented?
  • has the correct fee been paid?
  • has the correct type of planning application been received, e.g. is listed building / conservation area consent also needed?

The full criteria can be seen in the Validation requirements.


Registration of the application

If the application is valid, it will be registered within 5 working days from the date of receipt, and you or your agent / architect will receive a letter of confirmation. The letter will include a unique reference number. This reference should be quoted in any correspondence regarding the application.

When the planning application has been registered it will be possible to view the details of the application on the online Track and Trace Planning Applications system. The details of your planning application will be updated regularly in order to incorporate any changes / amendments to the application:

Incomplete applications

If the application is incomplete, it will be returned to you or your agent / architect within 5 working days from the date of receipt, with details of any missing or incomplete information.

Consultation period and consideration of the application

Soon after the application is registered and validated, the Council will begin a 21-day publicity period. Depending on the type of planning application, the Council will consult with the public and other relevant bodies, e.g. the Town Council, Natural Resources Wales or Welsh Water.

During this period everyone will have an opportunity to submit comments on a planning application. Details on how to submit comments can be found below.


How will the Council consult?

The Council’s consultation methods include one or more of the following:

  • Letter: The planning officer will decide which local properties need to be consulted, and which other relevant bodies will receive notification by post of your proposed development.
  • The press: Some applications will also be advertised in the local press. These include applications in Conservation Areas, listed buildings and large-scale developments which don’t comply with the Unitary Development Plan.
  • Site notice: A notice will be placed near the site location informing the public that a planning application has been submitted for the site.
  • Online: Details of every planning application registered can be viewed on the Council’s online Track and Trace system.

A planning officer will also visit the site in order to assess the application. They will contact you / your agent if they need to arrange access to the site.


Consideration of the application

The planning officers will consider the application in light of all the relevant planning policies, as well as any other planning considerations – including any valid comments which have been received during the consultation period.

If the plans need to be modified, the officer will contact you (or your agent). These modifications may include a change to the design or the size of the development.

In some circumstances, the consultation period will need to be repeated after the amended plans have been received. In such cases, the consultation process will last either 7, 14 or 21 days, depending on the type of application. During this period members of the public have a right to submit comments about the application.


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