Planning application forms

We recommend that you submit your planning application online using the Planning Applications Wales website.


Or, you can download all the planning forms via the Planning Applications Wales website:

Planning Application Forms - download 

If you’re not sure which forms you need to complete, contact us (contact details below).

Remember to send the relevant information with your application. The Guidance Notes relevant to the application form are also available to download with the forms and list the documents you need, depending on the application. 

Send the relevant completed forms to:

In addition to the standard forms the following Gwynedd Council forms are also available to download:

Planning forms
Number Form Guidance notes 
  Minerals and waste application form Included in the form 
  Application for certificate of alternative development  Included in the form
  Application to modify or discharge a planning obligation Not Available
  Notice of application to modify or discharge a planning obligation Included in the form
  Certificate of compliance with the notification requirements  Not Available
  Notice of publicity by the local planning authority Included in the form
  Notice of application Included in the form

Application for a non-material amendment following a grant of planning permission

Included in the form


For more information or to request paper copies of the planning forms, contact us:

  • Online: General enquiry about planning
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