Pre-application advice

Before submitting a planning application, we strongly recommend that you use the Pre-application advice service.



Online application form: pre-application advice 

How can I benefit from this service?

We can offer you specialist advice and knowledge on the various matters you need to consider before submitting an application. This will include:

  • Clarifying which policies / standards/ factors apply to your development
  • Helping you to submit an application that is complete, avoiding any delay during the registration / validation stage
  • Advising you to prepare an application which, if you give full consideration to the advice provided, will speed up the process of determining your application
  • Can lead to reducing the time taken by professional consultants and can save costs as they prepare the proposals
  • Advising you if the principle of the development is unacceptable, therefore saving you the cost of applying 

How does this work and what is the cost?

Guidance notes: pre-application advice service 


Large scale and complex applications

There is a different process with large scale and complex application. View details.