Factors which may affect a planning application

There are several factors which may affect the type of planning application you need to submit and the outcome of your planning application.

  • Local planning policies - every decision will be based on the local planning policies. For more information and to view the local policies, go to the planning policy section on this website.


  • Nature, wildlife and biodiversity - you will need to consider the effect of your development on wildlife. Many animals, plants and habitats are protected (for example bats and badgers). More information is available on the biodiversity and planning applications page or on the Planning Portal website.



  • Building regulations - developments may need building regulations approval. More information is available in the building regulations section of this website and on the Planning Portal website.


  • Design - Gwynedd Council has guidelines to assist and advise to develop good design practices which help the environment and improve the quality of life in Gwynedd. More information can be found in the information sheets on this website.




  • Environmental Health - Environmental Health Officers are responsible for the safety of everyone who lives or works in the area. Any development which may affect safety (e.g. air pollution / noise / dust) needs to be considered by an Environmental Health Officer. More information is available on the Planning Portal website.


  • Trees and hedgerows - many trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders which means that you will need permission before you can fell or prune them. Furthermore, formal notification needs to be given to the Council to remove certain types of hedges.
    For more information look at:
  • Your neighbours - your development may affect your neighbours and perhaps you should take this into consideration when you make your plans. Your neighbours, like everyone else, will have the right to submit formal comments (details can be found under the heading 'Comment on a planning application) on your development during the consultation period. More information is available on the Planning Portal website.


  • Lighting - ordinary internal domestic lighting is not subject to planning controls. Lighting inside and outside a development are subject to planning regulations - for example, illuminated advertisements (internal / external). More information is available on the Planning Portal website.


  • Conservation Areas - if your development is within a Conservation Area it’s possible that there will be planning restrictions that will affect your application. You will find more information in:


  • Listed Buildings - if your development involves a listed building, or if it affects such a building in any way, restrictions will apply. More information is available in:
  • Access / highways - access to your development in terms of road safety will be considered as part of the application. For more information, go to the Planning Portal website or contact Gwynedd Council’s Transportation and Street Care Service on 01766 771000.


  • Traffic - an increase in traffic level as a result of a development will be considered, as well as whether it is likely to cause traffic problems. For more information contact Gwynedd Council’s Transportation and Street Care Service on 01766 771000.


  • Parking - parking provision will be considered in assessing planning applications. For more information contact Gwynedd Council’s Transportation and Street Care Service on 01766 771000.
  • Flooding - if your development is at risk of flooding the Council will need to be satisfied that the proposal is justified and that the consequences of flooding are acceptable. For further information and to see if your development is at risk of flooding go to the Wales Government website.

  • Covenants - depending on the conditions of your ownership / lease of the property, you may need somebody else’s consent before you do any work on the property. You can find more information on the Planning Portal website.


  • Historical remains - ancient monuments are structures of key historical importance and their presence may affect your proposed development. More information is available on the historical remains page, in Gwynedd Council’s Unitary Development Plan or on the Cadw website.


  • Affordable housing - the Council is trying to increase the provision of affordable housing within the county’s communities. More information is available in the Affordable Housing section on this website.


  • Sewer adoption and connection - on 1 October 2012 important changes came into force for any building and construction work that involves connection to the public sewerage network in Welsh Water's operating area. More information is available on the Welsh Water website.