Ancient monuments

Gwynedd has a rich heritage of ancient monuments with a total of about 500 monuments of all types including:

  • caves
  • prehistoric burial and ritual sites
  • prehistoric domestic and defensive sites
  • Roman sites
  • linear earthworks
  • crosses and inscribed stones
  • ecclesiastical sites and wells
  • medieval and post-medieval secular sites
  • bridges
  • industrial sites

Scheduled ancient monuments add to the wealth of Gwynedd’s landscape and culture although the majority do not bring any economic benefits to landowners.


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Ancient monuments and planning permission

Specific permission must be obtained to carry out any work near scheduled ancient monuments. This may affect planning applications in the area. For more information go to:


Scheduled Ancient Monuments Consent

If you intend to carry out any work on a scheduled ancient monument, you will need to submit Scheduled Ancient Monument Consent to Cadw. More information and an application form are available on the Cadw website.  



Grants are available from Cadw to carry out conservation work on monuments / historical remains. For more information, go to the Cadw website.


More information

For more information about ancient monuments, go to the Cadw website.

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