Conservation Areas


What is a Conservation Area?

A Conservation Area is an area of particular historical, social or architectural interest. As a Council we strive to preserve and enhance these areas.

Gwynedd Council is responsible for designating Conservation Areas within the county (excluding Snowdonia National Park).


Conservation Areas and planning consent

If you intend to carry out any work or demolish a building within a Conservation Area there are additional regulations you need to consider, and it’s possible that you will need planning permission or Conservation Area consent.

Before embarking on any development in a Conservation Area, we strongly recommend that you contact us to see whether or not you need permission. If you carry out unauthorised work you could be prosecuted.

Contact us:

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  • Phone: 01766 771000

Submitting an application for Conservation Area planning permission

For information on how to submit a Conservation Area planning application, go to the planning section on this website.

If you carry out any work on the exterior of a building which is within a Conservation Area, you may be eligible for a grant towards the work from Cadw.

Trees in Conservation Areas

Additional regulations apply if you intend to carry out work on trees within a Conservation Area. For more information and advice, go to:

More information

REMEMBER! If the development is within Snowdonia National Park, you will need to contact the Snowdonia National Park Authority not Gwynedd Council. To see if the development is within the National Park, look at the map - Snowdonia National Park Area.