Affordable housing

Affordable housing means homes available for less than the market price. It’s possible to get an affordable home by renting, part-ownership, buying or self building.

‘Affordable’ means that: 

  • mortgage repayments are lower than 30% of disposable income or
  • rent is lower than 25% of disposable income.

The home must meet the occupier’s requirements.

Homes whose market value is already low do not count as affordable homes.

What is the Council doing to increase the number of affordable homes?

View affordable housing developments 2014-15

One of the main schemes during 2014/15 was Cae Garnedd  which was developed at a cost of £7,734,500.00. 16 Social Housing tenants have moved into Cae Garnedd, releasing housing back into general housing stock.

Total expenditure for all schemes that have been completed in 2014/15 is £11,983,618.72 with a contribution of £ 6,777,759.00 from Social Housing Grant. 

Who can get an affordable home?

To be eligible for an affordable home, local need must be proven.

  • need: living situation not satisfactory and not enough money to improve the situation
  • local: having lived / worked in the area for a certain length of time

You can also be eligible if you will have to refuse an offer of a job as a key worker in the area because you have nowhere to live.

More details: affordable housing policy guidance

How can I get an affordable home?

You can register for information on affordable homes on the Tai Teg website.

You can also download an application form here and return it to PO Box 167, Tai Teg, Caernarfon, LL55 9BP.

More information on Tai Teg: Tai Teg booklet

For more details on affordable homes contact the Housing Strategic Unit:

Affordable Homes 2013/2014

The following table notes the various ways affordable units have been brought forward in Gwynedd:

Affordable Homes 2013/2014
Type of affordable home  Number of units 
Social housing 27
Empty affordable homes 33
Supported Housing for young people 3
Homebuy Scheme 7
Total  70