Listed Buildings

There are approximately 2,400 listed buildings in Gwynedd (excluding Snowdonia National Park). 



Buildings are listed according to their special historical or architectural importance. They are graded to show their relative importance:

  • I - Buildings of exceptional interest, nationally  
  • II* - Buildings of particular importance, more than special interest
  • II - Buildings of special interest, which deserve every attempt to preserve them


Planning permission

Before you start any work on a listed building we strongly recommend that you contact us to see whether or not you need permission / consent.

The type of development which normally requires permission / consent includes:

  • replacing doors or windows
  • building an extension
  • painting over brickwork
  • installing television aerials, satellite dishes or burglar alarms
  • replacing roofing materials
  • moving or removing interior walls
  • removing or modifying fireplaces, panelling or staircases

If you carry out unauthorised work you could be prosecuted.


Submitting an application for Listed Building Consent

There is no additional fee for submitting an application for Listed Building Consent (only the fee for the full planning application). For more information and to submit your application, go to the submitting a planning application section.

If you are going to carry out work on a listed building, you may be eligible for a grant towards the work from Cadw.


More information

REMEMBER! If the development is within Snowdonia National Park, you will need to contact the Snowdonia National Park Authority not Gwynedd Council. To see if the development is within the National Park, look at the map - Snowdonia National Park Area.