Secondary school admission application

Parents of Year 6 pupils need to apply for their child to attend Year 7 at one of Gwynedd’s secondary schools.

You must apply before 17 December 2021 (for September 2022).

Before you apply, please:

Apply online: Secondary School Admission

(You must create an account if you haven’t got one already)

What will happen next?

You will be notified about the outcome of your application on 1 March.


Late applications

You need to apply for a place in a Secondary School before 17 December 2021 (for September 2022). It is possible to apply after this date, but it will considered as a late entry and it’s possible that you won’t be informed about the result on 1 March.


More information

Further information can be found in the Information for Parents Handbook/School Admissions Policy

Or contact us:

The Authority can not discuss availability of any school over the phone.