Gwynedd School Admissions Forum

Admission forums have a key role in ensuring a fair admissions system that promotes social equity.

Admission forums must:

  • Consider how well existing and proposed admission arrangements serve the interests of children and parents within the area of the Local Authority.
  • Promote agreement on admission issues.
  • Consider the comprehensiveness and accessibility of the admissions literature and information produced for parents by each admission authority within the area of the forum.
  • Consider the effectiveness of the LA’s proposed co-ordinated admission arrangements.
  • Consider the means by which admissions processes might be improved and how actual admissions relate to the admission numbers published.
  • Monitor the admission of children who arrive in the LA’s area outside a normal admission round.
  • Promote the arrangements for children with SEN, children in care and children who have been excluded from school.
  • Consider any other admissions issues that arise.