Changing school / admission during school year

If you want to move your child from one school to another (not move from primary to secondary) we recommend that you discuss the matter with the head teachers of both schools as the first step.


Before you apply, please:

 Apply online: Change school  

(You must create an account if you haven’t got one already)


What will happen next?

You will be notified about the outcome of your application within 15 school days.

If permission is granted you will need to arrange the exact starting date with the new school.

Please be aware that if you apply to move school, your current school will be made aware of this.   

If you have applied for a place at Ysgol Santes Helen or Ysgol Ein Harglwyddes we will send your application on to them. They are responsible for their own admissions arrangements and specialise in  providing a Catholic based Education. They may contact you to collect further information to allow them to process your application e.g. whether you child is a baptised Catholic or not. 


View or update your application

To view or amend a submitted application, log in to your Cyngor Gwynedd online account and click on ‘My requests’.  Go to My Account


More information

Further information can be found in the Information for Parents Handbook/School Admissions Policy

Or contact us:

The Authority can not discuss availability of any school over the phone.