Complaints: breach of planning regulations

If you think any development or work in Gwynedd (excluding Snowdonia National Park) is in breach of planning regulations, let us know immediately. 


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Examples of breaches of planning regulations

  • A development which needs planning permission going ahead without permission – either because the planning application has been refused or because no planning application was ever submitted
  • A development which has received planning permission subject to conditions, but one or more of those conditions are being ignored 
  • Unauthorised change of use of a building
  • Unauthorised work on a listed building or buildings within a conservation area 
  • Unauthorised work on a tree within a Conservation Area or a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order 
  • High hedges complaints 

We won’t consider the following:

  • Land ownership dispute - contact the Land Registry 
  • Works on public highways: contact the Highways Service by phoning 01766 771000
  • Environmental health issues, e.g. pollution and hygiene: contact the Public Protection Service by phoning 01766 771000 
  • Dangerous buildings - contact the Building Control Service by phoning 01766 771000

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