Information for event organisers



From the 7th of June 2021, outdoor organised events including festivals concerts and football matches are allowed to take place in Wales. Capacities for such events have been set at no more 4,000 people standing and 10,000 people sitting. Wales will also move into Alert Level One, again from Monday the 7th of June 2021, with some elements still in place. Please see the Welsh Government alert levels for further guidance on this: 


Although National regulations may have changed in Wales, Gwynedd Council have already agreed on a system of consulting with local members and communities to come to a decision on whether major events can take place or not on Gwynedd Council Land 2021.  .  (This does not include the public highway or school land in Gwynedd. You will need to contact the Council’s traffic unit and individual schools directly to receive advice and permission).


As a Council during this difficult we have been advising event organisers of support packages available where relevant. We have also been working closely with event organisers to facilitate their events and giving them as much advice and support as possible. We welcome events, but we also have a duty of care to make sure that such events are carried out in a safe and legal manner. If you are planning to hold your event on Gwynedd Council land in 2021, we would advise you to contact us as soon as possible for further guidance and updates. Call the Events Unit on 07377419963 or e-mail  


This period is still an uncertain and difficult time for us all, these changes will be dependent on no further escalation in coronavirus cases that may lead to further changes to the current regulations. 



Arranging your event


Useful documents

The event organisation field is influenced by different acts and regulations. Therefore we have provided an interactive guide book on organising events in Gwynedd. The Purple Guide Book prepared by the UK Events Forum could also be useful for you:

The Welsh Government also offers guidance on arranging COVID safe events: