Information for event organisers


Presently the Welsh Regulations state that no mass gatherings of people should take place, it is also unclear what the timescale for the easing of these regulations are. Please see the Welsh Government alert levels for guidance Gwynedd council will be following these alert levels.

As we are unclear of the timetable for allowing major events to take place, and acknowledging the real concerns of communities in relation to events taking place. The Council has agreed on a system of consulting with local members and communities to come to a decision on whether major events can take place on Council land during this period.  

We are working closely with event organisers to give them as much advice and support during this very difficult time. We have also been advising event organisers of support packages available where relevant. During 2021, we will be extremely happy to work with event organisers to facilitate their events if the coronavirus situation allows us to do so.



Arranging your event


Useful documents

The event organisation field is influenced by different acts and regulations. Therefore we have provided an interactive guide book on organising events in Gwynedd. The Purple Guide Book prepared by the UK Events Forum could also be useful for you: