Bulky waste collection

If you have large items you want to get rid of, such as an old television, chair, sofa or a carpet you can arrange for the Council to collect them.

These are called bulky items.

We will not accept these types of items in your wheeled bin or as additional rubbish with your bin. 

To arrange a bulky waste collection contact us on 01766 771000.


There is a fee of £21.00 for this service. We can collect up to 5 items in one collection.

There is no limit to the number of bulky waste collections you can request in any period of time, but a fee of £21.00 will be charged every time.

How to pay?

You can pay the fee with a debit or credit card over the phone when you call to arrange the collection, or you can pay by cheque or postal order.

We are unable to collect the following items as part of the bulky waste collection service:

  • builders waste
  • garden waste (place in the brown bin or take it to your local recycling centre)
  • surplus household waste (take it to your local recycling centre)
  • clinical waste (special arrangements can be made for clinical waste – go to What goes into the bin for more information)

Remember that you can take any large or electrical items to recycling centres free of charge.