Submitted LDP Documents

Schedule of documents submitted on behalf of Gwynedd Council and the Isle of Anglesey County Council:

 CDLL.001 Developing the vision, key objectives and strategic options (November 2011) 
 CDLL.002 Candidate Site Register

Pre-Deposit (Preferred Strategy) Document (May 2013)


Deposit Draft Plan 2015
Deposit Draft 2015  
 CDLL.004  Deposit Plan – written statement (2015)

 Deposit Plan – proposals maps (2015)


Deposit Plan – constraints maps (2015)

Appraisal Reports
  Appraisal Reports
 CDLL.007  Sustainability Appraisal (February 2016)
CDLL.007A Sustainability Appraisal – Non Technical Summary (February 2016)
 CDLL.008  Habitat Regulations Assessment (February 2016)
 CDLL.009  Equalities Impact Assessment (2013)
CDLL.009A Equalities Impact Assessment (2016)
 CDLL.010  Health Impact Assessment (2013)
CDLL.010A Health Impact Assessment (2016)
 CDLL.012  Welsh Language Impact Assessment Report (2015)
CDLL.013 Welsh Language Impact Assessment Report – update (2016)
 CDLL.014  Notice of Deposit Matters
 CDLL.015  Executive summary booklet
 CDLL.016  Overview of the Deposit Plan leaflet
 CDLL.017  Representation form
 CDLL.018  Guidance about making representations about alternative sites

 Deposit Plan representations – summary report


Individual representations about the Deposit Plan 


Redacted copies of individual representations 

CDLL.020  Consultation Report (February 2016)
 CDLL.021  Delivery Agreement (2014)  
 CDLL.022  Delivery Agreement (March 2016)  
Focussed and minor changes
 Focussed and Minor Changes 
 CDLL.023  JLDP Schedule of Focussed Changes (February 2016)
 CDLL.024  Notice of Focussed Changes to the Deposit Plan (February 2016)
 CDLL.025 Comments form ‘pdf’
 CDLL.026  Representations received to Focussed Changes consultation (February 2016 to April 2016) POST SUBMISSION
CDLL.027 Schedule of Minor Changes (February 2016)
CDLL.028 Composite Plan – Written Statement including Focussed Changes and Minor Changes

Composite Plan – Maps including Focussed Changes


Observations Report - Representations about Focus Changes


Evidence base

Topic papers
Topic papers  
 PT.001  Topic Paper 1 Candidate Sites Assessment (2013), incl. methodology
  PT.002  Topic Paper 1A Candidate Sites Assessment – update (2015) – results of assessment
  PT.003  Topic Paper 1B Candidate Sites Assessment – update (2016)
  PT.004  Topic Paper 2 Relevant Strategies and Plans (2015)
  PT.005  Topic Paper 2A Relevant Strategies and Plans (2016) - update
  PT.006  Topic Paper 3 Population and Housing – update (2015)
  PT.007  Topic Paper 3A Population and Housing (2016) - update
  PT.008  Topic Paper 4 Describing the Housing Growth and Spatial Strategy (2013)
  PT.009  Topic Paper 4A Describing the Housing Growth – update (2014)
  PT.010  Topic Paper 4B Describing the Housing Growth – update (2016)
 PT.011  Topic Paper 5 Developing the Settlement Hierarchy (2015)
 PT.012  Topic Paper 5A Developing the Settlement Hierarchy  - update (2016)
 PT.013  Topic Paper 6 Urban Capacity Study (2015)
 PT.014  Topic Paper 7 Retail (2013)
 PT.015  Topic Paper 8 Strategic Flood Consequence Level 1 (2016)
 PT.016  Topic Paper 8 Appendix 3 Gwynedd (2015)
 PT.017  Topic Paper 8 Appendix 3 Anglesey (2015)
 PT.018  Topic Paper 9 Tourism (2016)
 PT.019  Topic Paper 10 Welsh language and culture (2013)
 PT.020  Topic Paper 10A Language Profile Gwynedd (2014)
 PT.021  Topic Paper 10B Language Profile Anglesey  (2014)
 PT.022  Topic Paper 11 Minerals (2016)
 PT.023  Topic Paper 12 Waste (2015)
 PT.024  Topic Paper 13 Community Infrastructure – baseline information (2015)
 PT.025  Topic Paper 14 Open space assessment (2016)
 PT.026  Topic Paper 15 Transport (2016)
 PT.027 Topic Paper 16 Student Accommodation (2015)
 PT.028  Topic Paper 17 Local Market Housing (2015)
 PT.029  Topic Paper 17A Local Market Housing (2016)
 PT.030  Topic Paper 18 Identifying Gypsies and Traveller Sites (2015)
 PT.031  Topic Paper 18A Identifying Gypsies and Traveller Sites – update (2016)

 Topic Paper 19 Settlement Profiles

 PT.033 Topic Paper 20 Housing Trajectory (2016)


Background papers
Background papers  
 DC.001  Affordable Housing Viability Study (2013)
 DC.002  Affordable Housing Viability Study – Executive Summary (2013)
 DC.003  Affordable Housing Viability Study – update (2014)
 DC.004  Employment Land Review (2012)
 DC.005  Employment Land Review (2012) – Executive Summary

 Retail Study Gwynedd and Anglesey (2013)

 DC.007  Retail Study Gwynedd and Anglesey (2013) – Executive Summary
 DC.008  Special Landscape Areas Review Gwynedd and Anglesey (2013)
 DC.009  Special Landscape Areas Review Gwynedd and Anglesey (2013) – Executive Summary
 DC.010  Gwynedd Landscape Strategy (Update) (2012)
 DC.011  Anglesey Landscape Strategy (Update) (2011)
 DC.012  Renewable Energy Opportunities Study – Gwynedd (2012) 
 DC.013  Renewable Energy Capacity Study – Anglesey (2014)
 DC.014  Housing and Language Study – Gwynedd & Anglesey (2014)
 DC.015  Housing and Language Study – Gwynedd & Anglesey (2014) – Executive Summary
 DC.016  Population and Household Projections – assumptions, methodology and scenario results (2014)
 DC.017 Explaining the difference between the Welsh Government 2008 based and 2011 based projections - Gwynedd (2014)
 DC.018  Explaining the difference between the Welsh Government 2008 based and 2011 based projections - Anglesey (2014)
 DC.019 Wind Turbines and Pylons
 DC.020 Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study (2014) 
 DC.021  Site development opportunities in Pwllheli (2014)
 DC.022   Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 Porthmadog (2015)
 DC.023  Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 2 – Hirael, Bangor (2015)
DC.024 Anglesey and Gwynedd Gypsy and Traveller Accomodation Needs Assesment

Anglesey & Gwynedd Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Needs Assessment (September 2016)

DC.025 Anglesey LHMA May 2013
DC.026 Gwynedd Draft Local Housing Market Assessment 2013
DC.027 HNP Project Update
DC.028 Gypsy and Travellers Accommodation Needs Assessment North West Wales 2013
Gwynedd/Anglesey & Regional Documents (GWYMON)
Gwynedd/Anglesey & Regional Documents (GWYMON)  
 GWYMON01  Single Integrated Plan Gwynedd and Anglesey (2013) 
 GWYMON05  Anglesey Energy Island 
Neighbouring Local Authority Plans (GWYMON)
 Neighbouring Local Authority Plans (GWYMON) 

Ceredigion County Council: LDP – Adopted 2013

 GWYMON08  Snowdonia National Park Authority: Eryri LDP – Adopted July 2011
 GWYMON09  Conwy County Borough Council: LDP – Adopted October 2013
 GWYMON10  Powys County Council: Submitted LDP for examination January 2016 
Wales Planning Policy / Guidance (PCC)
 Wales Planning Policy / Guidance (PCC)  

Circular Letters (WG) 

 PCC02  Creating an Active Wales (2010) 
PCC03  Dear Chief Planning Officers (CPOs) Letters 
PCC05  Environmental Strategy for Wales (2006) 
PCC06  Minerals Technical Advice Notes  
 PCC010  Policy Clarification Letters (WG)  
 PCC011  Rural Development Plan Wales (2014 - 2020) 
 PCC012  Technical Advice Notes 
 PCC014  The Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (2014) 
 PCC015  Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan)(Wales) Regulations 2005 
 PCC016  Town and Country Planning (Local Development Plan)(Wales)(Amendment) Regulations 2015 
PCC017  Wales Spatial Plan (2008 Update) 
 PCC19  Statutory Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Housing (Wales) (2006)  
 PCC20  Strategy for Older People in Wales (2003)  


Gypsies and Travellers
Gypsies and Travellers  
 PCC25  Travelling to a Better Future – A Gypsy and Traveller Framework for Action and Delivery Plan (WG September 2011) 
 PCC26  Good Practice Guide in Managing Gypsy Traveller Sites in Wales (2015) 
 PCC27  Good Practice Guide in Designing Traveller Sites in Wales (2015) 
Open Space
Open Space  
 PCC28 Climbing Higher: Strategy for Sport (WG January 2005)  

The Physical Action Plan: Creating an Active Wales (2010) 

 PCC31  Children and Family’s (Wales) Measure (2010)
 PCC31  The Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 (Play Sufficiency Assessment) Regulations 2012 
 PCC32  Guidance to LAs on Assessing for Sufficient Play Opportunities for Children – Consultation 2012
Economy and Employment
 Economy and Employment 
PCC37  Economic Renewal: A New Direction (WG 2010) 
PCC38 Vibrant and Viable Places (WG 2013) 
 PCC39 National Minerals Map of Wales (WG 2009)  
 PCC40  Aggregate Safeguarding Map of Wales (WG 2012) 
Renewable and Low Carbon Energy
 Reneweable and Low Carbon Energy 
 PCC42  Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners (WG 2015) 
 PCC43  Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy - CPO Letter (Sep 2015)  & Welsh translation 
 PCC46 Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013  
 PCC49  Draft National Transport Plan 2015 (WG) 
 PCC50  One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Freight Strategy (WG 2008) 
LDP Procedural Guidance:
 LDP Procedural Guidance:  
 PCC55 CL-01-11: Local Development Plans - Sustainability Appraisal Procedure for Alternative Site Representations 
 PCC56  LDPs: Preparing for submission – Guidance for LPAs (PINs Wales August 2015)

Welsh Government Gypsy and travellers Caravan Report 

UK Planning & Policy Guidance(DU)
UK Planning Policy & Guidance (DU)  
 DU01  Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations (2010) 
 DU02  Environmental Assessment of Plans & Programmes (Wales) Regs 2004 (UK Parliament) 
 DU03  Housing Act (2004) 
 DU04  Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) 

 Sustainability Appraisal of Regional Spatial Strategies and Local Development Documents (ODPM 2005) 

This document is no longer available.  

Communities and Housing
 Communities and Housing 
 DU06  Code for Sustainable Homes: Technical Guidance (Department for Communities and Local Government November 2010) 
 DU07  Fields in Trust: Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play (2008) 
Environment and Resources
 Environment & Resources 
 DU08  Countryside and Rights of Way Act (CROW Act) (United Kingdom Parliament November 2000)  
 DU09  Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended by Schedule 9 of The Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000) (United Kingdom Parliament) 
 DU10  Natural Environment & Rural Communities Act 2006 (United Kingdom Parliament) 
 DU11  The Conservation (Natural Habitats &c) Regulations (as amended August 2007) 1994 (United Kingdom Parliament) 
Renewable and Low Carbon Energy
 Renewable and Low Carbon Energy 
 DU12  Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN-1) (DECC 2011) (Dept. of Energy & Climate Change) 
 DU13  The Planning and Energy Act (2008) 
 DU14  Planning Statement Nuclear Power EN6 (2011)
Transport and Access
 Transport and Access 
DU15   Manual for Streets (Department for Transport 2007) 
EU& International Planning & Guidance (RHYNG)
 EU & International Planning & Guidance (RHYNG)  
 Environment & Resources:  
 RHYNG01  European Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment (2001/42/EC)  
 RHYNG02  The Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) (European Union Parliament October 2000)
 RHYNG03  EC Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds (70/409/EEC) (European Union Parliament April 1979) 
 RHYNG04  EC Habitats Directive - the Conservation of Natural Habitats of Wild Fauna and Flora (92/43/EEC) (European Union Parliament May 1992) 
 RHYNG05  The Convention of Biological Diversity (United Nations December 1992) 
 RHYNG06  The Convention of Wetlands of International Importance especially as a Waterfowl Habitat (Ramsar Convention February 1971) 
RHYNG07 The European Biodiversity Strategy (European Commission February 1998)  
 RHYNG08 EU Waste Framework Directive (rWFD) [Directive: 2008/98/EC]   
 RHYNG09  EU Waste to Landfill Directive (99/31/EC) (European Commission April 1999)