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A series of e-learning modules which are suitable for your new staff and align to some of the learning required for the Social Care Wales 'Induction for Health and Social Care' modules for adults. To apply for access to the E-Learning Modules please complete the application form below (once we receive your application we will contact you with your log in details).

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E-Learning Modules 

Digital learning resources

Here is a library of digital learning resources that includes pre-recorded Webinars, videos and YouTube clips. 

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Trainer: Andrew Guy
Duration: 1 hour recorded Webinar
Language: Welsh

An Introduction to positive behaviour support .

This webinar with guide you through the main principles  of PBS , will look at working practices and how you can adapt to fully meet individual needs in a positive and respectful way. Behaviour is communication and this webinar will give you some practical guidance ond reponding appropriately .

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The Once for Wales family Positive Behaviour Support resource

The Once for Wales Positive Behaviour Support family resource is designed to upskill and empower families across Wales.

 The Once for Wales family Positive Behaviour Support resource was co-produced by Improvement Cymru, the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and the All Wales Forum. It is designed to upskill and empower families across Wales. Families are the experts on their loved one and they are key partners in their care and support. This resource is available for families who support individuals with a learning disability throughout the life span. 



Trainer : Andrew Guy and Edwin Jones
Duration: 40 minutes recording
Iaith: English

The webinar here on active support discusses some problems and solutions that are being tested Covid-19 range.

The webinar reminds us of some key features for active support, and talks about key issues that arise from services and people as barriers at the moment. 

Cliciwch yma i wylio.

Trainer: Andrew Guy
Duration: 50 minutes recording
Language: English

This webinar will help you to develop an understanding of autism, and what good support looks like.

You will be guided to understand the importance of communication,environment and behaviour.

The sensory world of a person living with Autism will be introduced to you and how to help and support adults and children lo lead a happy life.

You will also be given some strategies and apporaches to help you. 

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More information about neurodiversity and autism

Personal Care Consultants deliver health and social care training . They have developed a series of short videos to support  learning and care delivery . These are  snap shots to assisst in  particular newly recruited staff . These film clips should not replace face to face training. 

  • Infection control: 3 minutes
  • Physical observations: 3 minutes 
  • Skin care and tissue viability: 12 minutes
  • Bed bath, waashing and toileting: 5 minutes 


Moving and handling

  • Principles of good posture
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Log roll: 4 minutes
  • Slide sheet bed: 4 minutes
  • Lying to sitting on bed: 1 minutes
  • Lying to sitting with assistance part 1: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Lying to sitting with assistance part 2: 1 minute
  • Standing transfer: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Lateral transfer bed to comode: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Sit to stand: 3 hour 30 minutes
  • Fitting sling on bed (access) 4 hour 30 minutes
  • Fitting sling on bed: 1 hour 50 minutes


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Social Care Wales Website

Principles and Values of Health and Social Care

The purpose of this handbook is to support social care workers who are undertaking the Social Care Wales Principles and Values Award (adults). The handbook has been developed by social care practitioners for members of the Social Care Workforce Development Partnerships.

Each section of the handbook is aligned to each section of the award and contains the relevant knowledge and references required to undertake the award successfully.

The handbook is a supporting guide which may be used in conjunction with other materials managers have developed to support learning for social care staff.

Induction Framework for New Managers

Since September 2021 newly appointed Social Care Managers are required to complete the regulatory induction programme. More information

What is the Induction Framework for Social Care Managers?

The All Wales Induction Framework for Social Care Managers (Induction Framework) is a set of standards taken from the content of the Level 5 Leadership and Management of Health and Social Care qualification.

It sets out knowledge and practice which should be demonstrated over time, by social care managers who are new to their role.

Who should complete the Induction Framework and how long should it take?

Social care managers who are new to post. It should be completed by all social care managers who are new to post as a general induction to their role. If you are an experienced or qualified manager, we would expect you to already have some evidence of knowledge and practice through completion of your qualification or through prior employment, whereas some of you may have less experience or be taking your qualification at the same time. We recommend completion within 12 months of start date in a new role for all managers, this will provide an opportunity to embed your learning in practice and update knowledge of legislative frameworks, and evidence informed practice and specialist areas

The Mindfulness Initiative website

 Well-being Support 

SOCIAL CARE WALES have launched a new employee assistance programme offering well-being support to those employed in the social care in the private and voluntary sectors in Wales, including personal assistants. Care first's 24/7 number – 0333 2129 212.


Supervision Resource Pack for Managers and Supervisors

Your workforce is your most valuable resource. Good supervision is essential in supporting them to deliver quality care and support.

This resource  pack has been developed to support Managers and Supervisors. 

A Question of Care: A Career For You? 

Do you enjoy seeing people get the most out of each day and achieve what they want in life? This is what a career in care is all about!

It might mean working with

  • babies and young children
  • children and young people
  • adults when they need extra help
  • infact people of any age – supporting them to turn their dreams into reality!

Try our interactive video challenge ‘A Question of Care: a Career for YOU’ to see what a career in care is like. At the end you`ll receive a detailed personal profile that tells you if you’ve got what it takes to join us!

 A Question of Care Website

Induction resources - Covid Restrictions

Information on the national dementia learning and development group Wales and supporting resources:


Introduction to Dementia

Duration : 30 Minutes

Language : English

Here is a guide to Dementia for beginners it should be useful for anyone working with or that has a loved one with Dementia. We need to make sure we have sufficient knowledge to know how to deal with dementia and this is a good start. 

Watch video: Introduction to Dementia


Question and Answer session about Dementia

Here are some questions we've had about Dementia . We hope you find this Most of the issues we get when dealing with Dementia are from not having that important connection before attempting to leading with commands and actions. 

Watch video: Question and answer session about dementia 

Video from Dementia UK

A video aimed at children and young people to help them understand what living with dementia means:

The video has been created by Dementia UK and there are also other videos of interest on their website  


Language and Heritage Toolkit


Short External Courses

Grwp Llandrillo Menai - Part Time Courses List January 2023

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