School meals and breakfast clubs

Breakfast Club

Only some of the county's primary schools have a breakfast club. Contact your school for more information. 

There is a cost of £1 per child for the child care element before the breakfast club. You must pay £1 for your first and second child. There is a discount for families with 3 or more children in primary school.

£2 a day is the maximum a parent will pay.

You must book a space through your Gwynedd Council on-line account.


Primary schools: 2 courses - £2.50 per day.

Pay primary school dinner on-line

Parents guidelines: pay your school online

Secondary school
: Prices vary – please contact the school directly


Free school meals

Free school dinner is available for some pupils. To find out if your child is eligible, go to the Free school meals web page.


What is there for lunch? 

Primary schools

Secondary schools

  • every secondary school in the county offers a variety of fresh hot and cold food every day.


A third of a pint of milk is provided every day, free of charge to:

  • pupils Under the age of 5
  • Key Stage 1 Pupils (National Assembly for Wales Initiative)
  • pupils in special schools
  • any pupil of primary age who requires milk on medical grounds in respect of when a certificate has been submitted by the School’s Medical Officer.

Key Stage 2 pupils can purchase a third of a pint of milk for 10p.


Pupils bringing sandwiches

A beaker, plate and drinking water is provided for pupils who choose to bring their own food.


Eating Healthily

Every school in Gwynedd is part of the healthy schools’ scheme. For more information go to the Gwynedd Healthy Schools website.