Blue badge scheme

The Blue Badge enables individuals to park in any of these place in Gwynedd:

  • Long stay car parks (all day)
  • Short stay car parks (all day)
  • A parking space on a street (all day)
  • On double yellow lines (for 3 hours, your blue badge must be displayed with the time you parked there, see the National Blue Badge Guidelines for terms and conditions regarding parking on double yellow lines)

You can apply for a Blue Badge for yourself, or a relative can apply on your behalf. There will be no cost for the badge.

An organisation which cares for disabled people can apply too. There will be a £10 fee for badges for organisations.

More information:

Who is eligible for a Blue Badge and how to use it correctly?


You need to make a new application for a Blue Badge every 3 years. You can apply: 

To request a paper copy of the form, please call: 01766 771000

You will need to send specific evidence documents with your application - the details are on the application form. If the application is on behalf of an organisation a fee of £10 must be paid.

If your badge is stolen, contact the police for a crime reference number then, contact us to get a new badge. If you have a crime reference number there will be no fee.

If your badge is damaged or lost you can apply for a replacement. A cost of £10 will apply for the replacement badge. Contact us: 

If you move to Gwynedd from another area, contact the council who issued your badge.

If there are changes to your details (e.g. your address) contact us. There will be a fee of £10 if the badge needs to be reset before the 3 years come to an end.


More information

For more information, contact us on:

Remember: it's a crime to misuse a Blue Badge - you may receive a fine of up to £1000. You can view guidelines on how to use the Blue Badge correctly on the Welsh Government Website - Blue Badge Scheme


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