Register and launch a power boat / jet-ski

All power boats and jet-skis launched in Gwynedd must:

  1. register with Cyngor Gwynedd
  2. have a valid permit (either annual or daily)

The annual permit runs from 1 April to 31 March each year.

Register and launch a power boat / jet-ski 2024/25

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2024/25 Fees

  • Register and annual launching permit:  £180
  • Register only: £70


Frequently asked questions

All power boats and jet-skis launched in Gwynedd must be registered with Cyngor Gwynedd.

All vessels less than 10 HP must register. Vessels with an engine less than 10HP must register at the launching site or at one of the Harbour Offices and the vessle must be present for inspection. There will be a fee of £40 (to be paid at the launching site).

You will need to arrange to collect your registration number / launching permit from one of Gwynedd’s Harbour Offices. When ordering online there will be an option for you to note from which Office you wish to collect them.

When you go to the Harbour Office to collect you will need to show your confirmation e-mail or bring your booking reference number with you.

The daily launch permit (£22) allows you to launch from Gwynedd’s beaches or public slipways.for one day only (excluding Pwllheli Harbour). The boat/jet-ski must be registered in Gwynedd before you can buy a daily permit.

The simplest way to register and to buy a launching permit is to do so online beforehand. 

You can also buy from the Gwynedd Harbour Offices all year round, and from Abersoch and Morfa Bychan beaches between 1 April and 30 September (cash only).  

You will need to register your new boat/jet-ski.

If you have an annual launching permit you can transfer this to your new boat/jet-ski. We will require confirmation of the name and address of the new owner. A fee of £60 is payable for the annual permit transfer.

For further details contact the Maritime Unit on 01758 704066.

If your permits are lost or damages please contact us:

If you have any enquiries about registering or launching a boat in Gwynedd, please contact us:

Further information can also be found at:


Further information 

For further information, please contact the relevant Harbour Office.