Terms and conditions: launch a power boat / jet-ski

Power Vessel Regulations for Gwynedd harbours and coast

1. Every Powerboat or Personal Watercraft user that uses / crosses Gwynedd Council owned, or managed coastal areas, must register the craft with Gwynedd Council. Craft less than 10hp also need to register.

1.1 To obtain registration, a fee shall be paid, and the owner shall confirm valid insurance to a minimum insurance cover of £3 million Third Party.

1.2. The appropriate registration permits must be displayed in a visible position on the port and starboard side of the craft above the waterline - other registration numbers will not be accepted. Craft not displaying the registration permits will not be authorised to launch.

1.3 Access for Powerboats or Personal Watercraft will not be allowed to any of the Council’s harbours or beaches if the owner has not registered with Gwynedd Council or if the registration has been withdrawn.

1.4 Launching fees will be payable at all designated launching areas.

2. Age Requirements:

2.1 Must be at least 18 years of age to operate a Powerboat or Personal Watercraft.

2.2 Be aged 15 to 17, and possess a R.Y.A. Certificate of Competence for Personal Watercraft, or the RYA Powerboat Level Two Award. The RYA certificate must be available for inspection at all times.

2.3 Be aged 12 to 14, and possess a R.Y.A. Personal Watercraft Certificate of Competence or the RYA Powerboat Level Two Award and operate under direct adult supervision. The definition of “supervision” is such that the adult, as defined in 2.1 above, is present on board the craft. The RYA certificate must be available for inspection at all times.

2.4 Under 12 yrs - not permitted to operate a Powerboat or a Personal Watercraft.

3. Speed Restrictions:

3.1 A wakeless speed shall be maintained within 50 metres of another Personal Watercraft, boat, dock, swimmer, skier, angler, fishing equipment, or shoreline.

3.2 Gwynedd Council speed restrictions must be complied with in all designated areas. Where there is no specified speed limit, the maximum speed is 4 KNOTS within 100 metres of the coastline (from the low water mark) and within all harbours.

3.3 Power craft are not permitted within the Craft Exclusion Zones.

3.4 Power driven vessels are prohibited from entering any beach safety zone unless using a designated launch area at the specified speed limit.

4. Boating under the influence of alcohol, or drugs is illegal.

5. It is an offence to disturb wildlife. Vessels navigating coastal waters shall not disturb dolphins, porpoises, sharks or other wildlife.

6. Vehicles are brought onto the launching areas at the owner’s own risk and the requirements and directions of Gwynedd Council officers must be adhered to at all times.

7. Navigation of power driven vessels in a responsible manner and with due regard to good seamanship is a requirement. International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea shall be strictly adhered to at all times.

8 The helmsman of the vessel shall ensure that the approved ‘Killcord’ is secured to the engine and is secured in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. No craft should be under way or making way unless the ‘Killcord’ is properly secured. The information symbol indicating that a ‘Killcord’ be used correctly at all times shall be permanently displayed on the console, or a prominent part of the craft at all times.

9 Water skiing without an independent observer will not be permitted. The towing of inflatable equipment is not permitted within harbour areas, craft exclusion zones, or within 100 metres of the coastline. A minimum of two people shall be onboard towing vessel at all times.

10 Any vessel displaying imitation permits will be reported to the Police immediately.

The owner / users launching permit will be withdrawn with immediate effect if the navigator of the craft fails to comply with any of the above regulations.