Social Housing in Gwynedd

Are you looking for a comfortable home in Gwynedd for a reasonable price? Social Housing could be the answer for you, providing rental housing for affordable prices. 

Social housing is provided in Gwynedd by:


Applying for Social Housing

To be considered for a social house, your name must be on the Gwynedd Housing register.

Anyone who has a connection to Gwynedd can apply to be on the register. Your connection could be one of the following;

  • Has lived in Gwynedd for 5 years
  • Has close family that have lived in Gwynedd for at least 10 years
  • Provides or receives support in Gwynedd
  • Has been in employment in Gwynedd for the last 5 years
  • Has been offered a job in Gwynedd but have had to decline due to having a disability and had difficulty looking for Housing in the area
  • Serving or has served in the Armed Forces in Gwynedd

See more information (housing policy).

The best way to submit your application is by downloading the application form, completing it, and send it back to us through the post or via email.

Download application form

Before you complete the form, please read our information for applicants guide.

It is very important that you complete every part of the form correctly, and submit all the required documents alongside your form. If your application form is not complete or if any of the required documents are missing, we will have to put your application on hold until we get all the information we need.

Your application will be processed and assessed and will be placed in the appropriate band based on the information given:

 Band Degree of housing need

 a. Applicants in Urgent Housing Need with a Gwynedd connection

b. Applicants in Urgent Housing Need (with no Gwynedd connection)

 2  Applicants in Housing Need with a Gwynedd connection
 3  Applicants in Housing Need with no Gwynedd connection and Applicants with reduced priority
 4  Applicants with no housing need with a Gwynedd connection

If, for any reason you are not eligible to be placed on the housing register, we will be in touch to discuss this.

If you need to update your application, please contact us:

Examples of when you should call us is to change your current address or to add a new member to your application.


Frequently asked questions 

We will be in touch to confirm once we have assessed your application.

There are social houses all around Gwynedd – look at Section 15 - ‘areas’ on the Application form for more information.

There is no way to know how long the process will be for each individual. It all depends on when a property becomes available and how many applicants want/needs a house in that area. The more areas you put down on your application the more houses you will be considered for. There is no limit to how many areas you can put down.

No, your application will still be active on the register.

If the house is in an area that you have put down on your application, then you won’t need to let us know that you are interested – you will automatically be considered for everything that becomes available in your chosen areas.

This ultimately depends on your need for a house and therefore which band you are in.

Tai Teg, like us, offer affordable Housing to individuals and families that need it. They have a different criteria to us that you would need to fit into in order to be on the register – for more information of this, visit their website:

Tai Teg website

If you are homeless, contact Gwynedd Council's Homelessness Service for support and advice.

Gwynedd Council's Homelessness Service