Empty homes

Houses that stand empty can cause nuisance and damage to neighbouring houses. They are also a waste because they could be used as homes.

We can advise owners of empty houses to help them bring the house back into use.

If the owner refuses to bring the house into use or fails to repair it, the Council can: 

  • serve a notice on the owner to carry out repairs, and carry out the works itself if the owner fails to do so
  • force the sale of the house to repay certain debts owed to the council.

What help is available with empty homes?

  • Welsh Government’s Houses into Homes scheme: Interest free loans over three years to enable houses to be renovated, improved and converted to be used as residential accommodation. Properties must have been empty for six months or more. Single dwellings are eligible for a loan of up to £25,000; there is a maximum loan of £150,000 available per applicant.
  • First time buyer shared equity scheme: A scheme to offer loans to meet the deposit requirements of mortgage providers for local first time buyers. There is an emphasis to help bring vacant properties back into use by assisting local first time buyers to purchase properties and hence to enter the local housing market.
    Mortgage deposit loan scheme application form
  • Vacant Homes GrantsApplicants must agree to specific conditions regarding future occupancy of the property. A maximum of £10,000 is available, to help with up to 75% of the renovation costs.
  • VAT: The Council can help to reduce or eliminate the VAT payable on all materials used to bring a vacant property back into use. Properties that have been empty between 2 and 10 years can have the VAT on materials used reduced to 5%. Those empty for 10 years or more can have the VAT reduced to nil.
  • Project Management GrantA discretionary grant for owners of empty properties who are in receipt of either a grant or a loan from the Council
  • Welsh Government’s Home Improvement Loan Scheme: Interest free loans from £1,000 to £25,000 to assist owners of properties with renovation works. Available to Owner Occupiers, Landlords, Developers and Charities to assist with making a home safe, warm and secure. Loans are inclusive of a 15% administration fee which can be added to the loan. Loan term for Owner Occupiers is 7 years, 5 years for Landlords / Companies. Owner occupier loans can be extended to 10 years. 
    Welsh Government's Home Improvement Loan Scheme Form

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