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IMPORTANT: There are changes to our wedding ceremonies due to Covid-19.

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Getting married in a church

All enquiries about marriages at one of the Church in Wales' buildings should be made to the Vicar at your local parish church. You don't need to contact Gwynedd Council. 

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Getting married in a chapel

The information below is relevant to marriages in England and Wales. If you are getting married outside of England or Wales please contact us for advice. Call: 01766 771000.


Marriage fees


Before getting married... 

Who you need to contact depends on where you and your partner live and where you are getting married.

  • if both of you live in Gwynedd 
    you will need make an appointment for both of you to give a formal notice at any of Gwynedd's registry offices. To arrange an appointment, call 01766 771000
  • 1 of you live in Gwynedd and the other outside Gwynedd
    The person who lives outside Gwynedd needs to contact their local Council's registration service to give their formal notice whilst the person who lives in Gwynedd should arrange an appointment to give their formal notice at one of Gwynedd's registry offices. To arrange an appointment, call 01766 771000.
  • both of you live outside of Gwynedd but want to get married in Gwynedd 
    you will need to contact Gwynedd Council's registration service to arrange a date for the ceremony. You will then need to contact your local Council's registration service to give your formal notice. To contact Gwynedd Council's registration service, call 01766 771000.

You will also need to arrange with the registration service where the wedding will be held for a registrar to be present at the ceremony. If the ceremony is to be held in Gwynedd, please call 01766 771000.

Further information can be found in the frequently asked questions - religious weddings.

It is possible to contact the registration service to arrange a date for the ceremony as soon as you have made the decision to get married. However, the formal notice must be given within 12 months of the ceremony.  We strongly advice you to contact us in good time. The date of the ceremony will be confirmed once the formal notice is given.

After you give your formal notice you will need to wait for at least 28 full days before the ceremony can be held. For example – if you give your formal notice on the 1st of the month, the earliest you could hold the ceremony would be the 30th of that month.

To arrange a date to give your formal notice in Gwynedd, call 01766 771000. 

In special circumstances, for example if a person in critically ill, urgent requests to get married can be given. It is possible that the fees will vary in these circumstances. For further information please call 01766 771000. 

How to pay?

The fee for giving the formal notice will need to be given during the appointment.  The rest of the fee can be paid either when you meet the registrar before hand to discuss the ceremony in detail or over the phone before the big day.

You can pay by cash, credit / debit card, postal order or cheque made payable to 'Gwynedd Council'. 


More information

Further information please see the frequently asked questions - religious weddings or call 01766 771000.

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