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Marriage Ceremony fees

Why do I have to give a formal notice?

The purpose of a formal notice is to ensure that you are an eligible resident in the county and that there are no legal constraints for you to get married. 

What will happen once we give the formal notice?

The formal notice will be displayed on a public notice board at Siop Gwynedd Caernarfon.  The Registry Service will then prepare your certificates which give you the legal right for you to marry.  

For how long is the notice valid?

The certificates issued after the 28 day notice period remain valid for 12 months from the day you give notice. For example – if you give notice on 2 April 2019, your certificates will be issued on 1 May 2019 and will be valid until 12 April 2020. 

Can we change the date of the ceremony after we have given our formal notice?

The ceremony can be held at any date within the valid period (see question above). However, the new date must be agreed with the registration service. Please call 01766 771000. 

Can we change the location of the ceremony after we have given our formal notice?

If you decide to change the location of the ceremony after you have given your formal notice, your certificates will not be valid.  You will have to give another formal notice and re-pay the fees. Please contact us on 01766 771000. 

Do I have to be a member of the chapel before I can get married there?

In order to get married in a chapel in Gwynedd you will either need to be a member in the chapel or have lived in Gwynedd for at least 7 days before giving the formal notice. 

The service will be held in a chapel. Will we need a Registrar at the service?

In most cases, a Registrar will be needed at the service.  However, some chapels have appointed their own officials (Authorised Persons) to act on behalf of the Registrar. If this is the case, the fees should be discussed with the chapel’s authorities. 

Can someone else give a formal notice on my behalf?

No – nobody else has the right to give a formal notice on your behalf.  Both of you must give a formal notice. 

Which documents will we require when giving a formal notice?

You will need to show:

  1. either a passport or birth certificate OR any 2 of the following: full driving license, rent document, council tax bill, pay slip, cheque book or credit card (dated within three months)
  2. proof of address: either a rent document, council tax bill, recent public service bill or  bank statement
  3. Marital partnership (if relevant)
    -  in a divorce /separation case - certificate of Decree Absolute
    -  death - death certificate of former spouse

The list above refers specifically to residents from the UK. If either of you are from outside the UK, or have been divorced in another country, you should discuss with the Registration Service before making an appointment to give a formal notice. 


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