Terms and Conditions: Recycling Centres

  1. You must book a slot prior to arrival at any recycling centre.
  2. The recycling centres are for the use of Gwynedd residents only.
  3. We only accept household waste. Don’t bring commercial or business waste.
  4. You can only access the Centre ONCE during your time slot.
  5. CARS and TRAILERS, maximum 2.4m x 1.2m (8’ x 4’), can access the Centres. NO larger trailers.
  6. When booking your slot Gwynedd Council will use public information available from the DVLA to check the classification of your vehicle to decide if you need a Van Permit to visit the Recycling Centres.

  7. VANS: A Van Permit must be obtained to access Gwynedd Council’s Recycling Centres for vehicles classified as N1 [Vehicles designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and having a maximum mass not exceeding 3,5 tonnes].

    If vehicles in the N1 category have windows and seats in the back a Permit is NOT needed. Further information

  8. DO NOT arrive at the centre more than 10 minutes before the BEGINNING of your time slot.
  9. You must arrive at the centre at least 10 minutes before the END time of your slot.
  10. If you have a number of items to dispose of, please ensure that you leave enough time for unloading. You must unload your vehicle before the end of your time slot or staff at the recycling centre may ask you to leave. 
  11. Only ONE person can come out of the vehicle at the centre to unload. Children should stay in the car at all times, and no pets are permitted on site.
  12. Don’t bring items that are too big or heavy to handle yourself. If you have large items the dispose of, please use the bulky waste collection service.
  13. Waste must be sorted before you arrive at the centre to make unloading as quick as possible.  The same skips as usual will be at the centre. 
  14. HOUSEHOLD waste (that is not possible to recycle) must be bagged before being thrown into the skip (except for garden waste).
  15. We do not accept MEDICAL PLASTIC WASTE e.g. external feeding tubes / syringes. Please discuss the most suitable way to dispose of them with your community nurse.

  16. If you are bringing GARDEN WASTE in bags/sacks to the centre, you must empty the garden waste from the bags into the skip.
  17. Although you have booked a slot, it is possible that there will be queues at times. We ask you to be patient and to respect the staff who will be doing their best to get everyone through the centre as safely and as quickly as possible.
  18. Traffic management arrangements will be in place, and staff will check the registration number of all vehicles arriving at the centre to ensure they have booked a slot in advance.
  19. Bring your own sanitiser if you can (use to clean your hands before you drive away).
  20. Use the weekly recycling service to dispose of recyclable waste – we will collect any recycling material that is left alongside your cartgylchu as long as it is separated and placed in boxes.
  21. Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the centre.
  22. The recycling centres may sometimes have to close at very short notice due to adverse weather conditions. These decisions are not taken lightly and are done so to protect our workforce and all site users from potential harm. Under these conditions it will be necessary for site users to rebook a slot. 

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