Local Housing Allowance Rates

The LHA that applies to you depends on which LHA area you live within Gwynedd, and the number of bedrooms that you, need according to the rules

These LHA areas are called Broad Rental Market Areas [BRMA], and there are 2  within Gwynedd, these being: 

The BRMAs and LHA rates in Wales have been established by The Rent Officer Service, which is part of the Welsh Assembly Government, and is totally independent of Gwynedd Council. If you are uncertain in which BRMA area you live, contact us by calling 01286 682689 or send an e-mail to LwfansTaiLleol@gwynedd.llyw.cymru

The LHA rates are fixed annually from the 1st of April every year, and the rates from April 2023 are: 

LHA rates
Broad Rental Market Area (BRMAs)Size of accommodation required     
  1 bedroom with shared facilities 1 bedroom self contained 2 bedrooms 3 bedrooms 4 bedrooms 
North West Wales 75.00 80.55 103.56 120.82 149.59
South Gwynedd


74.79 87.45 103.56 120.82

Gwynedd’s LHA Rates are also available in a printer friendly PDF format. Click on the attachment below to open the PDF document.