The process of preparing the Joint Local Development Plan

The details below outline the key stages and documents required as part of the process of preparing the Joint LDP.  


This is the first stage in the process of preparing the JLDP. The current Delivery Agreement is split into two sections, the timetable and the Statement of Community Involvement. The Statement ensures that members of the public as well as key stakeholders are part of the process of preparing the Plan.


The current Delivery Agreement was approved by Gwynedd Council on the 3 March 2016 and by the Isle of Anglesey County Council on the 10 March 2016. Here is a copy of a letter from the Welsh Government, which supports the revised timetable


It is imperative that the Plan, in terms of its policies and proposals, is based on a sound and credible evidence base and that it has also considered local, regional and national policies, plans and strategies. The results of the information gathering will be recorded in Topic and background Papers. Supporting documents will be regularly updated. 


On going process


A key element in developing the Local Development Plans is to identify potential sites for a range of land uses including housing, employment and other uses such as community and recreation. It is also important to identify sites that need protecting for their special landscape, open space or conservation value. 


The Candidate Site Register was opened on the 11 October 2011. Developers, landowners, community groups and members of the public were invited to formally submit sites for potential inclusion within the Joint Local Development Plan (JLDP). The opportunity to submit late Candidate Sites submissions will close on 17th April 2014. No submission received after this date will be accepted. The Register has been divided according to Local Planning Authority area and subdivided by Community Council areas.


In accordance with the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act (2004) the emerging Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan is required to be subject to a Sustainability Appraisal (SA). A Sustainability Appraisal seeks to ensure that LDP's policies and proposals are consistent with the principles of sustainable development.


On-going process 


A full version along with a booklet version of the document were published during a public engagement period in 2011/2012. The document recognises some of the key issues that the Plan must tackle, drafted a possible vision, identified possible strategic objectives, and suggested strategic growth and distribution options.  


Has been undertaken 2011/2012


The Official Notice confirms that the Councils released the Preferred Strategy document  provides an overview of the Plan’s vision and objectives, strategic policies, and the preferred strategy. It doesn’t include detailed policies and site specific allocations.

Along with the Preferred Strategy comments were also invited on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This report explains how the appraisal has been undertaken and also how the process assisted in the development of the Joint LDP’s Preferred Strategy. Also subject to the public consultation period was the Screening Report relating to the Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA). 


Public consultation period ended 27 June 2013


The Deposit Plan is a draft version of the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan.

It sets out Gwynedd Council and the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s proposed planning policy up to 2026, identifying what can be built and where. Based on all the information gathered and responses to the Preferred Strategy the Plan sets out: 

  • a vision, objectives and strategy,
  • strategic and detailed policies to promote and manage development,
  • allocations of land for housing, employment and other uses,
  • policies and proposals to protect sensitive areas, and
  • maps showing proposals and constraints. 

The Deposit Plan was subject to public consultation until 17:00 on 31 March 2015. We shall not be accepting further comments about the Deposit Plan, Sustainability Appraisal or the Habitat Regulations Assessment.

We are currently carefully considering all the submitted representations and the Joint Planning Policy Committee will make a decision about them in January 2016. You can see a summary of each representation by clicking on the Representations Report about the Deposit Plan found in the list of documents below or by going to the Representation points in the interactive version of the Deposit Plan

You can also view the Representations Report about the Deposit Plan in the following places:
public libraries; Siop Gwynedd; the Planning Service’s Office, Llangefni; the Joint Planning Policy Unit’s office in Bangor.

You can find out how to obtain a hard / electronic copy of individual representations in the Representations Report about the Deposit Plan.

Please note that the Representations Report about the Deposit Plan is a summary report. By publishing the report the Council does not endorse the comments included in the report, nor any ‘alternative sites’ referred to: they represent the views of individuals or organisations who submitted them. The Representations Report is for viewing only – no representations about it are required.

For information only, you can view:

A variety of Topic Papers and Background Paper have been prepared to provide more information and explain the approach undertaken in the Deposit Plan in terms of topics and different issues affecting the Plan area, - see the documents here.

A variety of assessments have also been prepared to ensure that the Plan is being developed in a sustainable manner, and considers the effect on the Welsh language, internationally important habitats, the health of communities and vulnerable groups. You can see the assessment reports here.


Public consultation period ended 31 March 2015

Having carefully considered the comments submitted about the Deposit Plan it is considered that there is merit in making Focussed Changes to the Deposit Plan.

This section provides all the documents that are relevant to the public consultation about the Schedule of Focussed Changes to the Deposit Plan.

Submitting Ideas

In accordance with the Notice, representations about the Focussed Changes only should be submitted in writing.


Address: Joint Planning Policy Unit, 1st Floor Bangor City Council Offices, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Gwynedd LL57 1DT

Comments submitted after this 4:30 on 13 April 2016 will not be recorded.


Relevant Documents



On the 30 June 2017 the Council received the Inspector’s Report on the Examination into the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan. The Inspectors concluded that, subject to the changes set out in Appendix A and B of the Report, the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local development Plan 2011 – 2026 is sound. The Inspector’s Report is available to view below. Publication of the Report concludes the Examination process.

The Inspector’s Report is binding and the Council will now incorporate the changes specified. As required by the Local Development Plan Regulations (2005) (as amended), the Council will make arrangements to adopt the Joint Local Development Plan within 8 weeks of receiving the Report.

Appendix A – Schedule of Matters Arising Changes (NMC)

Appendix B
Schedule of Inspector’s Matters Arising Changes (INMC)

On the 28 July 2017 Gwynedd Council decided to adopt the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan. The Isle of Anglesey County Council decided to adopt the Plan on 31 July 2017. Therefore the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan (Joint LDP) was adopted on the 31 July 2017. The Joint LDP became operative on its adoption and supersedes the following plans and interim policies:

Anglesey Gwynedd Local Planning Authority 
  • Gwynedd Structure Plan (1993)
  • Anglesey Local Plan (1996)
  • Anglesey Unitary Development Plan (stopped) (2005)
  • Interim Planning Policy:            Large Sites (2011)
  • Interim Planning Policy:            Rural Clusters (2011)
  • Gwynedd Unitary Developoment (2009) 

 The Joint LDP will be the basis for decisions on land use planning in the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority area and Anglesey and will be used by the Councils to guide and manage new development proposals.

Joint LDP Adoption documents:

  1. Public Notice
  2. Adoption Statement

The adopted Joint Local Development Plan’s documents:

Adopted Joint Local Development Plan – Written Statement

Adopted Joint Local Development Plan - Inset Maps




Adopted Joint Local Development Plan - Proposals Maps

Adopted Joint Local Development Plan - Constraints Maps

Final Sustainability Appraisal/ Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

Final Habitat Regulations Assessment Report


Hard copies of the  Adopted Joint LDP, Adoption Statement, the Sustainability Appraisal Report and the Habitat Regulations Assessment Report can be viewed in the public libraries in Gwynedd and Anglesey and the Council’s main offices.

Further information


Phone:01286 685003 or 01766 771000 and ask to talk to a Planning Policy Officer

In accordance with sub-section 76 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 it is a requirement for Council’s to produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) for their Joint LDP following its adoption, and keep a regular eye on every matter that is expected to impact the development of the Joint LDP area. Welsh Government has published regulations and guidelines on what should be expected in an AMR. The AMR will be submitted to Welsh Government and published on the Councils' websites by 31 October every year (following the adoption of the Joint LDP, as long as a full financial year (1 April - 31 March) has elapsed since the adoption date of the Joint LDP). This first AMR encompasses a time from the date of adopting the Joint LDP (31 July 2017) until 31 March 2019.

Annual Monitoring Report 1 August 2017 - 31 March 2019



The Joint Planning Policy Unit will publish a series of newsletters which will be an aid in informing interested parties regarding the progress which is being made on the Joint Local Development Plan.

Click on the attachments below to view the newsletters: 

Newsletter August 2011 (Issue 1)

Newsletter August 2012 (Issue 2)

Newsletter April 2013 (Issue 3)

Newsletter August 2014 (Issue 4)

Newsletter June 2015 (Issue 5)