A warm welcome across Gwynedd

Date: 20/12/2022
Logo Croeso Cynnes

Cyngor Gwynedd is reminding local people about the network of safe places where there is a warm welcome to spend time this winter, thanks to the generosity of local businesses and organisations.

Due to a combination of the cost of living crisis and the recent cold weather, it is likely that a number of local people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. The Croeso Cynnes / Warm Welcome scheme was launched in October, offering people a space to keep warm, free of charge.

It’s as important as ever that everyone knows about Croeso Cynnes locations as people are hit by hikes in energy prices and have to make difficult decisions between buying essentials and being able to pay the bills.

The Croeso Cynnes locations can be found on the map on Cyngor Gwynedd’s website: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/WarmWelcome Any organisations or business owners who can offer a suitable and warm space can also register through the website.

Cyngor Gwynedd is working with Menter Môn, Medrwn Môn and Isle of Anglesey County Council to administer the scheme and many local businesses and organisations are already open for people to drop in, to keep warm and have a chance to socialise. Locations associated with Cyngor Gwynedd are also on the list, including libraries, Storiel Bangor and the county's leisure centres.

Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Deputy Leader of Gwynedd Council, said: "Now that the temperatures have dropped, I know that the cost of electricity and gas will be causing a headache for many people. It is a terrifying thought that some will have to choose between putting the heating on or buying food.

"I'm grateful to all the groups and businesses that have registered and are opening their doors for people to come in to keep warm. I hope it will help people who are worried about the effect of the cold on both their physical and mental health.

“I encourage people to come together and make the most of this community effort. Please don't suffer alone when there are safe and warm places available to you."

Lisa Markham, Library and Information Assistant at Tywyn Library – one of the locations which is part of the Croeso Cynnes scheme – said: "In these times of uncertainty and cost of living crisis, there is a warm welcome for all here at Tywyn Library and in every library in Gwynedd.

"We are also very fortunate to have received generous donations from users such as tea, coffee and biscuits to help towards the cause. We are thankful to everyone for their generosity."

One Tywyn Library user added: "The Library is my happy place, which is made even better by the wonderful staff here. Without Lisa, the Covid period would have been much more traumatic. Many thanks to all the librarians for their work. "

“A quote from the American writer Barbara Kingslover perfectly encapsulates my feelings as a disabled person living alone – ‘I’m of a fearsome mind to throw my arms around every living Librarian who crosses my path, on behalf of the souls they never knew they saved’.”

The Croeso Cynnes scheme is one element in a wider support package made available by Cyngor Gwynedd in response to the cost of living crisis. The Council is keen to ensure that local people receive all the help, support and practical advice they are eligible for. There is a simple 'one-stop-shop' on the Council's website which brings together in one place all the support the Council offers, for example advice on benefits, information on home energy and contact details of other organisations who can help. Local people are encouraged to have a look over the page to ensure that they are aware of all the help, support and practical advice available. Go to the website: www.gwynedd.lyw.cymru/CostOfLiving 


The Croeso Cynnes scheme is funded through Warm Hubs, the Welsh Government and the Welsh Government's Rural Communities - The Welsh Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, with a contribution from the Anglesey Charitable Fund.