Stay safe on your way home

Date: 16/12/2022

Cyngor Gwynedd is urging people to be wary of bogus taxi drivers as they head out to celebrate Christmas and the New Year.


As people enjoy Christmas parties, or visit friends and family, the last thing on their mind may be how they are going to get home. But Cyngor Gwynedd is urging people to make sure they used legitimate and licensed taxis.


The main things to bear in mind when taking a taxi ride home, are:

- Only Hackney carriage cabs can be hailed in the street. These cars should carry a blue plate on the front and back

- Private hire cabs should be booked beforehand and display a yellow plate on the front and back. There is a half moon shaped symbol on the car doors

- All licensed drivers should have Cyngor Gwynedd driver’s identity badge


Check these details before getting into a taxi. An unlicensed car and driver have not been vetted by the Council and may not be insured.


Councillor Dafydd Meurig, Cyngor Gwynedd Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We want residents to be able to enjoy themselves safely over the festive period. Our advice is to make sure the car and driver have all the correct Cyngor Gwynedd licence plates and bad before getting inside.


“Getting into an unlicensed cab is essentially the same as taking a lift from a stranger, people should remember to stay safe especially if they are under the influence of alcohol. Bogus drivers may also be undercutting legitimate taxi businesses.”


Other top tips to stay safe when you are out and about this Christmas are:

- Carry a telephone number of a trusted, licensed taxi company with you

- If possible, book a taxi or minicab in advance. Ask for the driver’s name and for the make and colour of the car

- Confirm the details with the driver when the taxi arrives, is it the car you ordered?

- If you are ordering a taxi from a public place, try not to let anyone overhear your name and address - anyone could pretend to be your taxi

- If you are out with friends, make sure everyone has a way of getting home. If someone in your group has had too much to drink, accompany them to their taxi and make sure it is a legitimate cab

- Sharing a taxi with friends is always a good idea


If you’re concerned regarding any vehicle purporting to be a taxi in Gwynedd, contact Cyngor Gwynedd’s Licensing Unit by emailing or calling 01766 771000.