Allowances for Councillors

Are payments made to councillors?

Yes. All elected members of local authorities in Wales are entitled to receive a basic annual salary. Members with additional responsibilities, such as executive member of chair of a committee, receive higher salaries. These payments are subject to income tax and reasonable expenses are also paid. (Details of payments made to individual members are published at the bottom of this page.)


Who sets the pay?

Elected members’ salaries and expenses are set by an independent body, the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales. The Remuneration Panel publishes an annual report detailing the salaries and expenses to be paid for councillors.

Is special support available?

Yes. Authorities are required under legislation to provide for members who have particular support needs to enable them to carry out their duties as councillors. Elected members can also claim reimbursement of care costs to provide care for dependents whilst engaged in member duties. 

Why do Councillors get paid?

Councillors get paid so that everyone is able to serve as an elected member.  A councillor’s work involves representing electors’ interest and going to council meetings. This takes a significant amount of time, which could mean a financial loss. Without pay, the only people who could seek public office as a councillor would be those who do not work or who have a lot of free time.


How much salaries and expenses do members receive?

Salaries and expenses members have received:

The above is in accordance with the decisions of the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales.

What is my member doing?

Individual members have their own arrangements of communication with electors. A number of Gwynedd councillors prepare an annual report, reporting on what they have doing over the past year.


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