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Our Trading Standards team aim to help a fair and safe trading environment across Gwynedd. We support businesses through raising awareness and safeguarding users and community businesses within the County by providing advice and guidance.

Covid-19: The latest news and advice

With remote working and many businesses having to stop or diversify their trading practices, criminals are seizing the opportunity to target employees who are isolated from colleagues. Scams include criminals impersonating government officials or a senior member of the business in order to put pressure on employees to give out sensitive information or make payments.


Four common scams targeting businesses include:

Government grant/tax refund scams: A business is contacted by phone, email or post by government imposters suggesting the business might qualify for a special COVID-19 government grant or a tax refund. Variations on the scheme involve contacts through text messages, social media posts and messages.

Businesses should be cautious about unexpected urgent communications offering financial assistance. Check that the information is genuine by using official government websites.

Invoice/mandate scams: A business may be contacted out of the blue by someone claiming to be from a regular supplier. They state that their bank account details have changed and will ask you to change the payment details.

Never rush a payment. Use contact details that you have used before to check that it is genuine.

CEO impersonation scams: A sophisticated scam that plays on the authority of company directors and senior managers. An employee receives a phone callor email from someone claiming to be a senior member of staff – they ask for an urgent payment to a new account and instil a sense of panic. Scammers may even hack a staff email account or use spoofing software to appear genuine.

Be cautious about unexpected urgent requests for payment and always check the request in person if possible.

Tech support scams: With more people working remotely and IT systems under pressure, criminals may impersonate well-known companies and offer to repair devices. Criminals are trying to gain computer access or get hold of passwords and login details. Once they have access, criminals can search the hard drive for valuable information.

Always be suspicious of cold callers. Genuine companies would never call out of the blue and ask for financial information.

If a business believes they have been the victim of a scam they must:

  1. Contact their bank immediately
  2. Report any suspicious activity to Action Fraud or by calling 0300 123 2040.
  3. Further advice is available from Citizens Advice Consumer Services on 08082231133 (English line),  08082231144 (welsh line)


More information

Clear Covid-19 advice for:

  • travel and tour operators;
  • Food businesses and
  • Home Improvement sector

is updated regularly and available on the Business Companion website

Buy with Confidence

Being able to display to your customers that you’re a company that can be trusted is very important. Buy with Confidence can help  you achieve this.

Benefits of being a member

  • It's a sign that your business is honest and reliable
  • As an independent scheme there is no need to contact several companies
  • Access to Trading Standards expertise and advice
  • Being listed on Buying with Confidence's website

Who can join?

Businesses that have been trading for over 6 months.
Businesses must go through checks before being admitted.

How much is it?
Members must pay an annual fee. The fee varies depending on the size of our business.

How do I apply?
Make an on-line application

Further details
Buy with Confidence
01766 771 000

Carrier bag charge

Single use carrier bags can no longer be given away for free when people buy goods from a seller.

The minimum charge to the customer for each single use carrier bag is 5p.

If you need further advice for businesses, please e-amil or call 011766 771000.

Fireworks Licensing

 You must have a license to sell fireworks.
Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards Unit provide individuals and companies who wish to store less than 2000kg (net weight) of explosives (including fireworks and shotgun cartridges) with a license.

There are 4 periods within a year where selling fireworks is allowed.

  • 15 October – 10 November
  • 26 December – 31 December
  • On the first day of the Chinese New Year and the 3 days immediately preceding it
  • On the day of Diwali and the 3 days immediately preceding it

If you wish to sell outside of these times you must apply for a license to sell fireworks all year round. This is in addition to the license that is required to store the fireworks and the fee is currently set at £500.
Certain categories of fireworks cannot legally be sold to members of the public.

Further information

Application Form

Petroleum Storage Certificates

A petroleum storage certificate is required where petrol is stored for dispensing directly into the fuel tank of an internal combustion engine or where large amounts of petrol is stored for private use.

An annual fee is payable for the continuation of the certificate and the ‘keeper’ of the petrol can choose to pay for up to 10 years.

Applicants may download the application form below and return it by post or via email (see contact details on previous page). Payment can be by cheque (made payable to Gwynedd Council) or for more information on making an electronic payment, please contact the Unit. 

Relevant Documents

Further information

Safety of goods in rented accommodation

If you let furnished or part furnished accommodation as a business activity,where the supply of the accommodation includes the supply of goods, the law applies to you. Examples are houses,flats, bedsits, holiday homes, caravans and boats.

The law applies to letting agents, estate agents and private landlords.

Selling Tobacco

The transitional period for sell-through of stock ends on 20 May 2017.

These regulations mean that every tobacco product sold must be in plain packaging.

Details that are allowed on the packaging are

  • brand name
  • tobacco type
  • number of cigarrettes/ weight of the hand rolling tobacco

Further information

Underage Sales

The law makes the selling of age restricted products to underage people a criminal offence, with various penalties.

The table below lists different goods and the age restrictions which apply to them:

 ProductLegal minimum age 
 Tobacco products 18 
 Fireworks 18 
Alcohol 18
Lottery Tickets and scratch cards 16
Lighter refills containing butane 18
Knives and offensive weapons 18
Aerosol paint containers 16
DVDs, videos and computer games 12, 15, 18


Weighbridge Operating License
To operate a public weighbridge, you require a certificate issued by any Chief Inspector for Weights and Measures that you have sufficient knowledge for the proper performance of your duties.


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