Term dates / holidays


School holidays 2016/17


Autumn Term 2016

  • Starts: Thursday, 1 September
  • Half Term: Monday, 24 October - Friday, 28 October
  • Ends: Friday, 16 December

Spring Term 2017

  • Start: Tuesday, 3 January
  • Half term: Monday, 20 February  - Friday, 24 February
  • Ends: Friday, 7 April

Summer Term 2017

  • Starts: Monday, 24 April
  • May Day: Monday 1st May
  • Half Term: Monday, 29 May - Friday, 2 June
  • Ends: Friday, 21 July

Schools will re-open for teachers on Friday, 1 September, 2017 and for pupils on Monday, 4 September (awaiting confirmation).


School holidays 2017/18


Autumn Term 2017

  • Starts: Friday, 1 September
  • Half Term: Monday, 30 October - Friday, 3 November
  • Ends: Friday, 22 December

Spring Term 2018

  • Start: Monday, 8 January
  • Half term: Monday, 12 February  - Friday, 16 February
  • Ends: Friday, 23 March

Summer Term 2018

  • Starts: Monday, 9 April
  • May Day: Monday 7th May
  • Half Term: Monday, 28 May - Friday, 1st  June
  • Ends: Friday, 20 July

Schools will re-open for teachers only on Monday, 3 September, 2018 (training day).

There are 4 other training days to be taken by schools during 2018-19. Contact your local school for details.


Setting school term dates

Since 2016-17 there has been a statutory process in place for setting school term dates. There is a requirement for authorities to notify the Welsh Government of the term dates they propose to set 2 full years in advance of the dates in question.

The consultation process involved as part of the statutory process means that school term dates are not confirmed until just over one year before they become operational.

Going on holiday during school term

Taking children on holiday during term time can lead to a series of problems such as:

  • your child's education suffering
  • missing lessons and extra curricular activities
  • continuity of work being lost

As a result we ask you to avoid going on holiday during term time if possible.

If you have to take your child out of school during term time, you will have to discuss and agree with your school.  


Teacher Training Days

There are 5 teacher training days in every academic year.  Every individual School decides when these will be held; contact your school to receive the dates.