Parking fines

The Council manages on street parking and parking within our car parks in Gwynedd. If you break the parking regulations, you might receive a parking fine (penalty charge notice) on the windscreen of your vehicle.

The Police are responsible for issuing fines for drivers who cause an obstruction or who park dangerous


Pay a parking fine

The Wales Penalty Processing Partnership processes parking fines (penalty charge notices) in Gwynedd. You can pay the fine online by going to the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership’s website.

Pay parking fine online

You can also pay by credit or debit card by calling the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership: 0845 6056556. Or pay in person at any Post Office. 

  • £70 for serious offences (reduces to £35 if paid within 14 days) 
  • £50 for minor offences (reduces to £25 if paid within 14 days)

A definition of the different offences can be found on the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership (external link) website.

If you believe you have received a fine (penalty charge notice) unfairly, you can appeal to the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership within 14 days of receiving the fine. You must submit a written appeal by letter, e-mail or fax to either of the contacts below:

Remember to include the following in your letter.

  • The number of the Penalty Charge Notice (this will be 10 digits – e.g GW51235123)
  • Your name and contact details.

For further information about appealing against a Penalty Charge Notice, please visit the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership’s website

To avoid a fine, don’t park:

  • in areas where waiting and loading restrictions are in force 
  • in parking spaces reserved for specific users (such as blue badge holders) without correctly displaying a valid permit 
  • in bus stops or bus lanes when restrictions are in force 
  • on zigzag lines marked on the road outside school s or at pedestrian crossings
  • in pay and display car parks without paying the amount 
  • for longer that the restrictions allow, and don’t return to the space within the limitations noticed
  • observe regulations and read the information plates and signs.

The full parking regulations can be viewed on the Wales Penalty Processing Partnership’s website.

For further information about parking in Gwynedd, contact us on 01766 771000.

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