Active travel

Cyngor Gwynedd has been improving its paths and facilities according to the demands of walkers and cyclists. We have created maps of these paths, which include current routes and routes that will be ready in the near future. 

Existing Active Travel Route Map
Gwynedd Council's Existing Route Maps Statement 

 Audited walking routes (First Phase Routes)

 Audited cycling routes (First Phase Routes)

 Audited cycling routes (Second Phase Routes)

Audited walking routes (Second Phase Routes)

Cyngor Gwynedd has prepared Integrated Network Maps for the twelve areas as agreed upon by the Welsh Government. We hope to connect the walking and cycling paths between/within these areas. These maps have been applauded by the Goverment and were published on November 3 2017.


Useful videos

Why not try walking or cycling to work? Here are some handy videos to help you on your way.

 Health Benefits

 10 Simple Steps to Cycling Safety


 Cycling Hand Signals




  • 22 January 2016 Submission of the existing route maps to Welsh Government – This timescale has now been extended to September 2016

  • 3 November 2017 Submission of the integrated network map and resubmission of the existing route map to Welsh Government
  • 24 September 2020 Resubmission of the existing route map and the integrated network map to Welsh Government.


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