Rent Smart Wales

Are you complying?

Landlords and agents with properties in Gwynedd or any other part of Wales are reminded that Rent Smart Wales enforcement powers are now active.  

The Welsh Government scheme, that is helping to raise standards in the private rented sector, requires all private landlords to register themselves and their properties. Landlords and Agents who let and manage property must also get a licence.

Since November 23, 2016, enforcement powers have been active and landlords and agents who are not complying with the law could face a variety of sanctions including:

  • prosecution
  • fixed penalty notices
  • rent stopping
  • rent repayment orders

Local authorities across Wales, including Gwynedd Council are working with Rent Smart Wales to identify those still not complying with the law. Councils are now prosecuting those who have failed to comply.

If you are a landlord or agent yet to comply, don’t delay. It’s important that you take the necessary steps now to comply and avoid action.

If you are a tenant and want to check if your landlord and/or agent is complying, you can visit the Rent Smart Wales online public register: 


More Information:

For more information regarding the conditions of private rented properties in Gwynedd Council contact or phone 01286 682853.