Housing Loans

Project Management 

A discretionary assistance for owners who are in receipt of either a grant or a loan from the Council.


Welsh Government's Home Improvement Loan Scheme

Interest free loans from £1,000 to £25,000 to assist owners of properties with renovation works. Available to Owner Occupiers, Landlords, Developers and Charities to assist with making a home safe, warm and secure. Loans are inclusive of a £500 administration fee which can be added to the loan. Loan term for Owner Occupiers is 7 years, 5 years for Landlords / Companies. Owner occupier loans can be extended to 10 years.


Essential Works Loan

A discretionary loan of up to maximum of £10,000 to undertake essential repairs.  Applicants must be low paid (means test will apply) or on certain benefits and the required work must be needed to address a Category 1 Hazard (a hazard likely to cause serious harm to the occupants).  The loan is repayable in full when the property is disposed of and will remain as a local land charge against the property until repaid