Buy to Let Scheme

Through its Buy to Let scheme, the Council is buying houses on the open market to be let to Gwynedd residents at an affordable rate. The aim of the scheme is to increase the number and range of quality affordable houses available within the County. 

The Council in in a partnership with Adra on this scheme, with Adra assuming responsibility for the management of properties on behalf of the Council. 

The homes are available to people who meet the Tai Teg criteria. For those interested, registering with Tai Teg is the first step in applying for a house. 

Over the next few years, the Council will consider buying properties across Gwynedd that meet the criteria, including meeting the needs of specific areas, the value and condition of the property. 

This scheme is part of Cyngor Gwynedd’s Housing Action Plan, which aims to provide over 1000 homes for the people of Gwynedd over the next few years. The Buy to Let Scheme specifically aims to contribute 100 homes to this target.  

This scheme is for individuals who are unable to buy or rent a house on the open market but are unlikely to qualify for social housing. 

You can find out if you are eligible to apply for one of the homes by visiting the Tai Teg website, which is the body that administers affordable housing schemes for Cyngor Gwynedd.  

Tai Teg: Am I eligible?

  •  You will be able to apply for a home under the scheme. 

  • You can make applications for other affordable housing across the County, and the Gwynedd Homebuy Scheme. 

  • You will help us plan our future developments as it will show us where the demand for affordable housing is. 

Register with Tai Teg