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If you own property in Gwynedd you can rent it out with our help through Leasing Scheme Wales.  

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If you are a landlord you can express your interest in the scheme by completing this online form: 

Leasing Scheme Wales - expression of interest

What is Leasing Scheme Wales? 

Leasing Scheme Wales is a leasing scheme funded by the Welsh Government and managed by local authorities. The scheme offers landlords the opportunity to lease their property to us for guaranteed rent payment for a period of 5 to 20 years. 

The scheme aims to allow more people to rent privately in Wales, and for it to be a more affordable option. The scheme will provide security for tenants and confidence for landlords. 

The scheme will:  

  • Improve access to homes in the private rented sector 
  • Provide longer term security of accommodation 
  • Offer affordability 
  • Provide support 
  • Improve standards 
  • Contribute to reducing homelessness 
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I am a landlord – what does this mean for me?  

  • Leases of between 5-20 years. 
  • Guaranteed rental payments for the length of the lease at the relevant Local Housing Allowance rate. 
  • Where necessary, an offer of up to £5000, as a grant, to bring properties up to an agreed standard and/or to increase the EPC rating to level C. Additional grant funding of up to £25,000 is available for empty properties. 
  • Repairs of any damage to the property made by tenants covered, subject to reasonable wear and tear, and the landlord’s liability for structural defects.  This would form a term of the lease. 
  • A guarantee of appropriate support for tenants, throughout the lifetime of the lease. 

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