Young carers

Are you under 18 years old? Do you look after your parent, brother or sister, a grandparent or a family member? The person you care for may have a physical or learning disability, a long-term physical or mental illness, or a drug or alcohol problem.

Young carers often spend their time helping to do things that the person they care for would normally do for themselves, like:

  • getting in and out of bed or getting up or down the stairs
  • bathing, dressing, toileting
  • cooking, housework, shopping
  • keeping them company and cheering them up.

Because this could mean that you may feel:

  • unable to keep up with school work
  • tired, lonely anxious or confused
  • you’re not spending time with friends.

Help is available

The Gwynedd young carers charter states what your rights are.

We can help you to find:

  • someone who will listen and understand
  • opportunities to socialise and enjoy
  • support
  • information
  • advocacy (someone to speak on your behalf).

Resources to help young carers are also available -

  • The Aidi app
  • Identity cards
  • Byw'n Iach offers
  • Video to raise awareness

For more information on these, click here


How to get help

Contact the Children’s Duty Team to ask for an assessment of your needs. The team will consider what help they can provide for you.

  • Phone: 01758 704455

Contact Action for Children. They can advise you and they provide services for Gwynedd Council.

If you are at school, make sure the school knows about your situation – they can support you. Speak to your form teacher or any other member of staff.