Falls Preventions

As we get older, the risk of serious injury increases however the fear of falling can also cause restrictions to how people live their lives. 

Below you will find information on how you can minimise the risk, additional support and support following a fall.  

Some useful tips 

  • wear well-fitting shoes/slippers  

  • ensure your stairs are well lit and have rails or bannisters 

  • remove rugs or only use rugs with non-slip backs 

  • move furniture so it is not in your way when you walk 

  • try to keep walkways clutter free especially on the stairs 

  • use a non-slip mat in the bath or shower 

  • keep items that you regularly use within easy reach  

  • keep a light at the side of your bed so that if you do have to get up in the night, you can turn the light on first 

  • if you use walking aids, ensure that the rubber feet  

  • consider a Telecare pendant alarm which will help you to summon help if you fall. If you already have a pendant alarm, make sure that you always wear it.


  • have your eyes checked regularly. If you are over 60 years old, you can have a free eye test every two years on the NHS. 

  • have your blood pressure checked by your GP especially if you are falling as you get up out of bed or out of a chair 

  • if you are having problems with your mobility, talk to your GP 

  • eat healthy and take regular exercise. There’s more information about  

  • have a hearing test – fluid in the ear can cause some balance problems 

Keeping Active 

There are services within Gwynedd that offers preventative support or support after a fall. Have a look here at what’s available locally for you: 

  • Active for Life –  These classes include a range of low intensity fitness and sport activities.

  • Byw’n Iach – The 60+ Free Swimming Sessions are available at Byw’n Iach Swimming Pools.

  • Dementia Actif Gwynedd – The sessions are inclusive for individuals that are affected by dementia and is also open for any older adults that want to increase their weekly exercise by increasing stamina, strength, balance, playing boccia and socialise over a cup of tea. 

  • Falls Prevention Team (Betsi Cadwaladr University Health board) - Our Falls Prevention Service support people over the age of 65 by identifying, assessing and providing interventions to reduce falls.


Equipment and additional support 

  • Telecare - Telecare is a monitoring service that allows you to call for help day or night by the press of a button, or by a series of automatic sensors in your home. It’s a way of offering preventative care from afar for Gwynedd’s citizens and helps individuals to reduce the risks within their homes and live as independent as possible.
  • Care and Repair Gwynedd and Môn - Care and Repair offers a service that helps older adults in Gwynedd and Môn live independently at home. They can offer a home assessment and discuss the best equipment to support you at home to minimise the risk of a fall.
  • Age Cymru - Age Cymru’s website offers more information about the support to reduce the risk of falls.