Gwynedd Citizens Panel

What is the Citizens Panel?

The Panel is a representative group of people who have a regular opportunity to voice their opinion on local services. The Panel's membership reflects the county's population in terms of:

  • age;
  • gender;
  • language;
  • nationality;
  • race;
  • religion;
  • sexual orientation;
  • disability;
  • geographic location.  

Making sure that the voice of Gwynedd citizens is central to the Council's work is important to us. The feedback and opinion of the Panel members will help the Council plan, review and provide local services that are adequate for the future.

We hope that the Panel will make it easy and convenient for you to get involved and have your say on the services that are important to you.  

Members of the Panel will …

  • receive news of surveys on issues that range from street cleanliness, public footpaths or the Council’s budget;
  • participate in about four specific surveys each year and every now and then;
  • have an opportunity to participate in focus groups, workshops or forums. 

After each survey the results are analysed and a report is produced and presented to Members of the Council and the corporate management team. If the survey dealt with a specific service, the managers of that service will also receive the report.

The results of every survey will be available to view on the Council's 'have your say' page. When we conduct a specific surveys with the Panel we will send an email with a summary of the main findings to members.  

All the details and views given by members of the Panel are confidential and we fully abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (2018). We will not share your information with any other organisation.

For more information about Data protection and for the contact details of our Data Protection Officer, visit:

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We conduct most of our Panel surveys online in order to save money and help the environment. If you are not willing to take part online, but want to have your say through another method, for example, by answering our surveys through the phone, please contact us on 01286 679339 or by emailing