Natur Gwynedd Survey,Looking to the future


The consultation period has ended. The results will be available soon. 


Welcome to a consultation on the Nature Recovery Action Plan for Gwynedd and Llŷn Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

2019 was a turning point in terms of recognizing the increased threat to nature and the need to increase actions for biodiversity.

In response, the Welsh Government published the National Nature Recovery Action Plan, with part 1, “Our strategy for Nature”, noting the commitment to reverse the decline in biodiversity in Wales and the objectives for taking action (a total of 6 objectives).

Following on from this, the Welsh Government have asked each Local Authority, National Parks and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty across Wales to produce their own Action Plan, detailing how each area should tackle nature recovery.

In order to help us produce this action plan for Gwynedd and Llŷn Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we are keen to know what Nature means to you, and how important it is in your life. The survey will guide you through what we’d like to know.


For more information about the Gwynedd Biodiversity Team and the Llŷn Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Team and their work, please contact: