Gwynedd Charging Points Survey

The provision of electric vehicle charging points in Gwynedd

Gwynedd Council is eager to listen to the opinions within our communities as we embark upon the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the county.

Most people are aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. The electrification of transport is one way to assist people in doing this and represents a small part of the overall solution as we move towards a zero carbon society. Therefore, we wish to make it easier for people to make the transition from petrol and diesel vehicles by installing a network of accessible EV charging points.

As a council, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 47% since 2006 and we have begun the work of fleet electrification to build upon this.

Through collaboration with Scottish Power Energy Networks (SPEN) we have identified a number of suitable sites for installations. However, to continue this work we need your assistance. The information gathered by this questionnaire will help us locate the charging points at the most appropriate locations where demand is likely to be highest. It will also enable us as a council to establish any hurdles to be overcome and opportunities to capitalise upon in order to facilitate the use of electric vehicles in the county.

To ensure our plans respond to the needs of the people of Gwynedd, we encourage you to have your say: 

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